IP and AS allocations

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This page lists IP addresses and Autonomous system numbers (ASN) allocated by Wikimedia Foundation.

Public IPs

RIR Subnet
RIPE 2a02:ec80::/29
ARIN 2620:0:860::/46
APNIC 2001:df2:e500::/48


Moved to Netbox.


Moved to Netbox.

RFC1918 IPs

Moved to Netbox.


As of July 16th 2020, there is no more multicast/PIM in the infra.

Autonomous System Numbers

Moved to Netbox

Private ranges: 64512-65534 and 4200000000-4294967294 (RfC 6996)

BGP communities

Community Name Allocation Action
14907:0 AVOIDED_PATH Manual as-path-group local-pref 50
14907:2 PEERING_ROUTE_PRIMARY Prefixes learned from an IX we want to prefer (when multiple IXs are present at a site) local-pref 260
14907:3 PEERING_ROUTE Prefixes learned from IX peers local-pref 250
14907:4 TRANSIT_ROUTE Prefixes learned from transit peers none, info only
14907:5 PARTIAL_TRANSIT_ROUTE Unused none
14907:6 PEER_INTERNAL Unused local-pref 290
14907:7 PEER_CUSTOMER WMF customers prefixes (SF office, WMCS) local-pref 250
14907:8 PEER_PRIVATE_PEER Prefixes learned from private peers (similar to IX peers) local-pref 270
14907:9 PEER_PUBLIC_PEER Unused none
14907:10 PREFERRED_TRANSIT Manual as-path-group local-pref 180
14907:11 SELECTED_PATH Manual as-path-group local-pref 350
14907:12 DIRECT_PEER Prioritize directly connected peers - T280054 local-pref 280
14907:13 ANYCAST Public anycast prefixes - T288843 none
14907:14 KUBERNETES Prefixes from k8s/Calico nodes - T328523 export to other k8s nodes
14907:15 DIRECT_PEER_PRIMARY Prioritize directly connected peers on primary IXPs - T338201 local-pref 285