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GitLab Runner is an application that works with GitLab CI/CD to run jobs in a pipeline.[1] For more information see the official GitLab Runner documentation.

GitLab Runner types

GitLab offers different types of CI Runners. Shared GitLab Runners are general purpos CI workers. This Runners execute jobs for a wide range of projects inside the /repos group in GitLab. If access to this kind of Runners is needed, consider moving to the /repos group and make yourself familiar with the details under Shared GitLab Runners.

Trusted GitLab Runners offer a platform for CI jobs with additional security needs (like building production artifacts). This Runners live inside WMF infrastructure and access to this Runners is gated and restricted. Access has to be requested on project basis, so please take a look on Trusted GitLab Runners on how to get access.

It is planned to add CI support for all projects using Cloud Runners. This Runners are in design phase and access to this Runners will be announced.

Evaluation and Design

Evaluation sub-pages on the right menu offer more insights into the design and security considerations.