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To let HTTP requests reach the outside world, we maintain a HTTP proxy in each datacenter. They are exposed using services entries of the form webproxy.<datacenter>.wmnet and are not meant to be used from labs instances.

As of 14th February 2017 the entries are:

Service Name Server port
webproxy.eqiad.wmnet 8080
webproxy.codfw.wmnet 8080
webproxy.esams.wmnet 8080
webproxy.ulsfo.wmnet 8080

You may set the $http_proxy environment variable to make many CLI scripts automatically use this proxy:

export http_proxy=http://webproxy.eqiad.wmnet:8080

If you need to send a request to an https url, do this:

export https_proxy=http://webproxy.eqiad.wmnet:8080

To set these variables for all your sessions, add the same lines to your ~/.profile file.


If you are using curl, you could use the --proxy flag:

curl --proxy http://webproxy.eqiad.wmnet:8080


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