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This page is intended to serve as a central hub for documentation related to the production deployment, infrastructure and maintenance of Wikidata.

  • /Alerts, covering Icinga and Grafana alerts
  • /Runbooks, including detailed step-by-step instruction in case of alerts or other tasks
  • /Caching, covering Varnish, ParserCache & Memcached
  • /Deployment, deployment related tasks
  • /Dispatching, the "dispatching" system that runs on a `mwmaint` host pushing changes out to sister projects & triggering page purges
  • Dumps/WikidataDumps, about the Wikidata entity dumps
  • /Growth, predicted growth in various areas
  • /Maintenance, covering various tasks related to maintaining the content infrastructure and production deployment of Wikidata
  • /Scaling, current and future scaling issues
  • /SQL, what tables we have in production, and some details
  • /SSR_Service, the SSR service for Wikidata

Cloud VPS Projects:

Table of Contents

Go to the WMDE/Wikidata/TOC page to have a list of all pages we have under WMDE/Wikidata.

See also

- Wikidata/Wikibase team site