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Here are some questions a reasonable person might have about deployments that I wonder if I can find the answers for:

  1. What extensions are deployed by WMF?
  2. What skins are deployed by WMF?
  3. What version is [WikiX] running?
  4. What needs deployment?
  5. How do I get [insert gerrit patch] deployed?
  6. How can I get [insert gerrit patch] deployed right now?
  7. How do I become a deployer?
  8. Who are the deployers?
  9. Is [insert gerrit patch] deployed?
  10. When is the next deployment?
  11. Was something just deployed?
  12. What was just deployed?

In terms of the 4 different kinds of documentation these are "how tos". Ideally, they'd be findable answers in all the places.