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Warning Caution: This page may contain inaccuracies. It is currently being edited and redesigned for better readability. For further information, please see T134495.

A simple guide to setting up pywikibot-core (fka rewrite) on tools lab.

become tooluser
git clone
virtualenv pwb # You can call it whatever you want, I like using pwb since it's short
source ~/pwb/bin/activate
cd pywikibot-core
python develop # This basically installs pwb-core as a symlink so if you modify the directory, you don't need to install it again
#It also will call python so you don't have to

Ta-da!. Now when you submit jobs to the grid engine, do it like:

jsub -N job_name /data/project/tooluser/pwb/bin/python /data/project/tooluser/path/to/

If you want to run a script in interactive mode to debug, you'll need to run source ~/pwb/bin/activate first.