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Welcome to my user page! Here you can see all my tools available in Wikimedia Labs with a brief description about them. I like to develop statistics/visualization tools and recommendation systems, both to analyse and help others to find tasks to do.

I mostly use Python, a bit of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML+CSS and publish the code with open-source licenses. If you find any bug or want to send me a suggestion, please use the talk page. I have a user page in English Wikipedia too.

My tools

Stuff to do

  • Fix dead links in enwiki and all (is there a tool to cross-wiki search links or launch a sql query?)
  • Understand this and this and make my own Wikidata bots
  • Maps and coordinates [1] [2]
    • Do some maps like this for missing images
  • Do some tools about:

Help pages

Basic commands

Command Example Description
become become wmcounter Login as tool user (for exit write 'logout' or press Ctrl+D)
chmod chmod -R g+w /data/project/alicetools Make directory writable for group
jsub jsub -N enwiki1 -mem 1G /usr/bin/python /data/project/mytool/script.py enwiki-20140509-pages-meta-history1.xml.7z Submit a job named enwiki1 to a queue for running the script.py over a chunk of an English Wikipedia dump.
  • qstat: show status of jobs
  • qacct -j jobname: show info about job
  • qdel jobname: abort the job
  • qdel -u tools.toolname: abort all the jobs of this tool
  • qmod -sj 1234: suspend job
  • qmod -usj 1234: resume job
jsub -N bot22 -mem 1G bot.sh Submit a pywikibot job to queue.
pip pip install mediawiki-utilities Install the Python module mediawiki-utilities
scp scp wmcounter.py yourusername@tools-login.wmflabs.org:/data/project/wmcounter Upload a single file from your local to the target machine
scp -r lib/ yourusername@tools-login.wmflabs.org:/data/project/wmcharts Upload a directory recursively
sql sql enwiki Enter in MariaDB console (#Database Servers)
sql meta
Display all available databases. You can filter by language (lang='xx'), family (family='wikibooks'), etc.
sql local
use s51138__heritage_p;
Enter in erfgoed database
ssh ssh -A yourusername@tools-login.wmflabs.org Connect to tools-login.wmflabs.org. Recommended tools-dev.wmflabs.org
mosh -a yourusername@tools-login.wmflabs.org Recommended for connections from Europe when lag appears
virtualenv virtualenv -p python3 name Create a virtual environment with Python 3 with the name name
cd name;source bin/activate Move inside the virtualenv name and launch it
python -m pip install "requests>=2.20.1" "mwparserfromhell>=0.5.0" "wikitextparser>=0.47.5" pywikibot Install pywikibot and dependencies (mw:Manual:Pywikibot/Installation)
deactivate Exit of virtualenv
webservice webservice start Tool is reachable throught public URL (webservice stop to stop)

Processing dumps

Babel user information
es-N Esta persona tiene una comprensión nativa del español.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.

Other stuff

External links