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Toolforge offers you a possibility to use cloud space on Wikimedia servers to run tools, bots, web apps, scheduled tasks and many more to improve and maintain Wikimedia wikis. It also provides an easy access to various Wikimedia data services like Wikimedia databases, tool databases, Wikimedia dumps or shared storages.

This tutorial is meant to be an easy way to start, run and maintain a tool on Toolforge. It gathers information from various places like official and unofficial tutorials, old and specific tutorials and some of our personal experience to make this tutorial to be the most beginner friendly tutorial over here. Feel free to update it or shorten it as you wish, while maintaining beginner-friendliness!

Don't delay me! I want my own Toolforge tool!

Create a Toolforge account
Create a tool
Set up your computer

Use the tool
Adjust an environment

Schedule a task
Run a bot
Run a web app
Use a database
what's missing?

See also

Ask for help

  • Use the IRC channel at #wikimedia-cloud connect on Freenode (if you don't get a response within a few minutes after asking your question (with details supplied!) then use the keyword !help so that someone can see the question easily in scrollback)
  • Use the mailing list at cloud@