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Checklist setting up a new python project

See also User:Pathoschild/Getting started with Flask
  1. Create a new project at Special:NovaServiceGroup using "Add service group".
  2. Wait a few minutes seconds, log out and in again, type become <projectname>
  3. vim .description and add a short description that will show up on You can use html syntax to add links.
  4. Setup a virtual environment for python: virtualenv ENV
  5. Activate it: source ENV/bin/activate
  6. Install latest mwclient: pip install git+git://
  7. vim .profile and add the following:
# Detect if we have an interactive shell
case "$-" in
    *i*) export INTERACTIVE=yes ;;
    *)   unset INTERACTIVE ;;

# Say hello
test -n "$INTERACTIVE" && {
    echo "Hello ${SUDO_USER}!"

# Load user's environment
test -f /home/${SUDO_USER}/.profile && {
    echo "✔ Loading your .profile"
    . /home/${SUDO_USER}/.profile
test -f /home/${SUDO_USER}/.vimrc && {
    echo "✔ Aliasing vim to use your .vimrc"
    alias vim="vim -u ~${SUDO_USER}/.vimrc --cmd 'set rtp^=~${SUDO_USER}/.vim'"

# Activate virtualenv
test -d ENV && {
    test -n "$INTERACTIVE" && echo "✔ Activating virtualenv"
    . ENV/bin/activate

# Check gitconfig
test -n "$INTERACTIVE" && {
    alias git="HOME=/home/$SUDO_USER git"

    if [ ! -r /home/$SUDO_USER/.gitconfig ]
        echo Please set git user and e-mail *in your own \$HOME* before running git
        echo in this project. In addition, make sure this tool user can read your
        echo ~/.gitconfig.
        echo "The following should work (remember: as your own user!)"
        echo git config --global "My Username"
        echo git config --global "my@email"
        echo chmod 644 \~/.gitconfig
        echo chmod +x \~

# Show running jobs
test -n "$INTERACTIVE" && qstat
  1. vim .inputrc and add the following:
# Up arrow
"\e[A": history-search-backward
# Down arrow
"\e[B": history-search-forward
  1. Setup git repo:
    1. git init
    2. git remote add origin <repo>
    3. Ctrl-D to become yourself again (if you need your own private key, etc..)
    4. cd to the project folder and git pull origin master
    5. Check that files are group-writable
  1. Configure lighttpd: vim .lighttpd and add the following: (replacing TOOLNAME with the name of the tool)
$HTTP["url"] !~ ".*\.[a-z]{2,3}$" {

    # Add trailing slash
    url.redirect = (
        "^/([^?/]+)(\?.*)?$" => "/$1/$2"

    fastcgi.server += ( "/" =>
            "socket" => "/tmp/TOOLNAME-fcgi.sock",
            "bin-path" => "/data/project/TOOLNAME/",
            "check-local" => "disable",
            "max-procs" => 1,