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Toolforge tools
Description Bot for managing deletion discussions at
Keywords python
Maintainer(s) Danmichaelo (View all)
Source code
License MIT License
Admin log Tools.sdbot/SAL

SDBot is a bot that automates some of the grunt work related to articles for deletion at updating the list of articles for deletion, archiving completed discussions and adding templates to discussion pages. Logs can be viewed at


$ ssh
$ become sdbot
:# Update from github (authenticates using a password-less read-only deployment key in .ssh/id_ed25519)
$ git pull

:# (Re)start the webservice
$ webservice restart

:# If changes have been made to jobs.yaml, load the new version
$ toolforge-jobs load jobs.yaml

:# Verify that jobs  have been loaded
$ toolforge-jobs list --long

:# Manually running the bot
$ toolforge-jobs run adhoc-job --command "./jobs/" --image tf-python39

: # Update to a new Python image (e.g. from Python 3.9 to 3.10):
$ toolforge-jobs run bootstrap-venv --command "./jobs/" --image tf-python310 --wait
$ sed -i '' 's/tf-python39/tf-python310/' jobs.yaml
$ toolforge-jobs load jobs.yaml
$ sed -i '' 's/python3.9/python3.10/' service.template
$ webservice restart