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Phabricator Search Alerts
Description Automated results of phabricator searches via email
Keywords Phabricator, email
Author(s) RhinosF1talk
Maintainer(s) RhinosF1 (View all)
Source code
License GNU General Public License 3.0 or later
Issues [1]
Admin log Nova Resource:Tools.phabsearchemail/SAL

Requesting an email

  • Go to maniphest’s advanced search and complete your query, copy the url.
  • Fill out [2] and state your email
  • Someone with access may process the request (add them to the <frequency>.csv file)
  • Watch your inbox and wait.

Setting up a new cron

  1. Create a new file with the people to be notified on that schedule.
  2. Type 'toolforge-jobs run pse<file> --command "pyvenv39/bin/python3 /data/project/phabsearchemail/phabsearchemail/ /data/project/phabsearchemail/<file>.csv" --image tf-python39 --schedule '0 14 * * 1''

Triggering a manual run

To manually run the tool, simply become it and type 'toolforge-jobs run testpsejob --command "pyvenv39/bin/python3 /data/project/phabsearchemail/phabsearchemail/ /data/project/phabsearchemail/<file>.csv" --image tf-python39 --wait'

Deploying Changes

  1. cd phabsearchemail
  2. git pull

Should simply work, you may need to run webservice restart for some changes to the webservice