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Description Web interface for disabling Phabricator accounts
Keywords phabricator, python, admin
Author(s) BryanDavis
Maintainer(s) BryanDavis (View all)
Source code diffusion
License GNU General Public License 3.0 or later
Admin log Tools.phab-ban/SAL

Phabricator Ban is a web interface that allows us to delegate the right to disable Phabricator user accounts to more Wikimedia community members.

Granting access

Users can be authorized to use the Phabricator Ban tool by being added to the members list of acl*userdisable in Phabricator itself. Existing list members and Phabricator admins have the ability to modify the group membership.

Usage guideline

Currently, there is no regulation whatsoever about the usage of this tool, but common sense should be applied. Examples of accounts that should be disabled includes...

  • Accounts which sole purpose is to troll
  • Spammers

Emergency disable

The tool can be rendered harmless by blocking the PhabBanBot user on Phabricator. Note: this can not be done via the tool itself.


This is a basic Python3 Flask service running via Kubernetes on Toolforge.

webservice --backend=kubernetes python start
webservice stop