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The Wikimedia Operations team is still using Request Tracker for managing procurement@ queue. RT is a ticket-tracking system written in Perl used to coordinate tasks with a mail based interface to handle support requests. It comes with a web frontend at https://rt.wikimedia.org/.

The process definition and documentation is at RT Flow.


RT is installed on magnesium, and is setup using Puppet include role::request-tracker-apache::production, exim::rt. It uses the standard Ubuntu packages request-tracker4 ,rt4-db-mysql and rt4-apache2. The database lives on the misc DBs cluster, db1001.


Site specific configuration is done in /etc/request-tracker4/RT_SiteConfig.d/80-wikimedia, which is generated by puppet in misc::rt-apache::server and has source => 'puppet:///files/rt/80-wikimedia. It notifies Exec['update-rt-siteconfig'];

The gerrit repository you need to clone for this is operations/puppet. The files you want to look at are ./manifests/role/request-tracker.pp and ./manifests/misc/rt-server-apache.pp. See class role::request-tracker-apache::production for production.

Web server setup

The web server used is Apache. The configuration lives in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/rt.wikimedia.org. It is puppetized and can be found in operations/puppet in ./templates/rt/rt4.apache.erb.

Mail server setup

To perform its duty of e-mail ticket tracking, RT of course needs to receive mails from the mail servers. The RT server is running a specially configured Exim MTA. Most of the Exim configuration follows the configuration of the other Mail servers, and only the RT specifics will be described here. The MTA is configured by Puppet, using the exim::rt class.

Exim is configured by Puppet to listen on the SMTP port using:

$exim_queuerunner = 'combined'

In /etc/exim4/exim4.conf, the following nonstandard configuration is used for RT:

Mail for the RT domain @rt.wikimedia.org is delivered by the mail relay to the RT server. This configuration is decribed in Mail.

RT mail is only received on the domain @rt.wikimedia.org:

domainlist rt_domains = rt.wikimedia.org
hostlist rt_mail_from_hosts = mchenry.wikimedia.org

RT mails on this domain are then picked up by a pair of routers:

# Mail destined for RT
# This router checks whether the local part consists of solely digits,
# and assumes this is the ticket number of an existing ticket if this is
# the case. It rewrites the address to the general queue, and puts the
# ticket nr in $address_data, where the rt_pipe transport can access it.

        driver = redirect
        domains = +rt_domains
        local_part_suffix = -comment
        condition = ${if match{$local_part}{\N^\d+$\N}{yes}{no}}
        address_data = EXTENSION=$local_part
        data = general$local_part_suffix@$domain
        redirect_router = rt

        driver = accept
        domains = +rt_domains
        local_part_suffix = -comment
        transport = rt_pipe

The first router accepts mail for ticketnr@rt.wikimedia.org, and hands the appropriate information to the RT transport. Other mails that do not follow this format are sent on to the next router, which simply delivers the full message to the RT transport.

# RT transport
        driver = pipe
        command = /usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue $local_part \
                --action "${if eq{$local_part_suffix}{-comment}{comment}{correspond}}" \
                --extension ticket --url http://rt.wikimedia.org
        environment = $address_data
        user = mail
        group = mail

The RT transport delivers a message to the /usr/bin/rt-mailgate program, using the e-mail address local part as the queue name. If the local part consists of a ticketnr, this is handled properly as well, because of the --extension ticket parameter, which uses the EXTENSION environment variable which was previously set by the rt_ticket router.

If the RT transport pipe returns an error code, the message is bounced with an error message.



Duplicate tickets should not be deleted but merged instead.

How to Merge Request Tracker (RT) Tickets


Example priority scale

  • Priorities 11-20 : A minor inconvenience. There is a good workaround
  • Priorities 21-30 : An inconvenience. There is a workaround
  • Priorities 31-40 : A major inconvenience. There is a troubling workaround
  • Priorities 41-50 : A real problem. Someone can not do part of his work until this is resolved.
  • Priorities 51-60 : A disaster. Someone can not work at all until this is resolved.

from [1]


There is a toolbar for formatting, but you need to expand it, and it is easily overlooked. Click Expand below for screenshots.

Adding a user

Make sure they have the right approvals (what are those?) and have signed the right NDAs (which ones?)

Then log into rt via the usual web interface as root, see password in /srv/passwords/rt.

You'll want the user's full first and last name, and the typical account name is first initial last name though it's not absolutely required to be in that form.

After the user is created you will need to add it to at least one group.

Detailed How To Add a User

  1. Do not start out with creating a new user right away, first _search_ for existing auto-created users (by email address or a part of it).
  2. Once you find that user change the user name from email format ex. "usern@wikimedia.org" to just user name, ex. "usern" (Anyone who has ever mailed RT in the past should have such an auto-created user already, so you almost never have to actually create one from scratch, the goal is to give the existing user more privileges and rename it, because that's how we distinguish them from restricted users.)
  3. Check the box "this user has privileges" or very similar to make it a privileged user (means access to more queues and more rights than the auto-created user who just has his own tickets in queue ops-requests and nothing else).
  4. Go to group membership and add to "engineering" (means also access to core-ops.
  5. Set a new password for the user (enter twice) and enter the RT root pass, hit save.
  6. Mail the user in private with the initial password or put it into a home directory of theirs if they are already shell user.
  7. Update the RT access request ticket with all the info minus the actual password

Which queues do we have and what are they used for?

RT queues
name description email addresses (request/comment)
access-requests All requests that are access requests.

(To request access to RT, send email to ops-requests@rt.wikimedia.org instead)

procurement Procurement of data center equipment procurement@rt.wikimedia.org/procurement-comment@rt.wikimedia.org

How do permissions work ?

We use group-based and role-based authentication. Mostly group-based with the exception of access-requests which uses roles.

Which groups do we have?

There are system groups and custom groups.

system groups
  • Unprivileged
  • Privileged
  • Everyone
custom groups
  • Accounting - Accounting users
  • Ashburn DC Engineers
  • Engineering - Wikimedia Engineering team
  • Legal - legal team - domains
  • Managers - managers with access to all queues except procurement
  • Office Engineers - Contractors or employees doing Linux server stuff and infrastructure for OIT
  • Operations - Wikimedia Operations team
  • Purchasing - Non-accounting folks who need to approve or deny invoiceing
  • San Francisco DC Engineers
  • Tampa DC Engineers
  • Toolserver
  • Volunteers - Trusted Volunteers who have signed an NDA

Which permissions are there?

  • AdminQueue
  • AssignCustomFields
  • CommentOnTicket
  • CreateTicket
  • DeleteTicket
  • ForwardMessage
  • ModifyACL
  • ModifyCustomField
  • ModifyQueueWatchers
  • ModifyScrips
  • ModifyTemplate
  • ModifyTicket
  • OwnTicket
  • ReplyToTicket
  • SeeCustomField
  • SeeQueue
  • ShowACL
  • ShowOutgoingEmail
  • ShowScrips
  • ShowTemplate
  • ShowTicket
  • ShowTicketComments
  • StealTicket
  • TakeTicket
  • Watch
  • WatchAsAdminCc

Permissions per group per queue

how to update the raw result text below:

- connect to db1001, and mysql to database rt, and execute:

root@db1001: mysql rt
SELECT Queues.Name AS queue_name,Groups.Name AS group_name,ACL.RightName AS right_name
FROM ACL LEFT JOIN Groups ON ACL.PrincipalId = Groups.id JOIN Queues ON ACL.ObjectId = Queues.id
ORDER BY queue_name,group_name,right_name INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/RT-permissions';

This is the raw result output from the example query above, feel free to run the query and paste to update. You can help by converting output to wiki tables further below or convert from XML using mysql -X or some other method. (HTML2Wiki using Parsoid might be useful as well.) Hit "Expand" to see full output.

queue           group           right

access-requests	Managers	AssignCustomFields
access-requests	Managers	CommentOnTicket
access-requests	Managers	CreateTicket
access-requests	Managers	ForwardMessage
access-requests	Managers	ModifyCustomField
access-requests	Managers	ModifyQueueWatchers
access-requests	Managers	ModifyTicket
access-requests	Managers	OwnTicket
access-requests	Managers	ReplyToTicket
access-requests	Managers	SeeCustomField
access-requests	Managers	SeeQueue
access-requests	Managers	ShowACL
access-requests	Managers	ShowOutgoingEmail
access-requests	Managers	ShowScrips
access-requests	Managers	ShowTemplate
access-requests	Managers	ShowTicket
access-requests	Managers	ShowTicketComments
access-requests	Managers	StealTicket
access-requests	Managers	TakeTicket
access-requests	Managers	Watch
access-requests	Managers	WatchAsAdminCc
access-requests	Operations	AssignCustomFields
access-requests	Operations	CommentOnTicket
access-requests	Operations	CreateTicket
access-requests	Operations	ForwardMessage
access-requests	Operations	ModifyTicket
access-requests	Operations	OwnTicket
access-requests	Operations	ReplyToTicket
access-requests	Operations	SeeCustomField
access-requests	Operations	SeeQueue
access-requests	Operations	ShowACL
access-requests	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
access-requests	Operations	ShowScrips
access-requests	Operations	ShowTemplate
access-requests	Operations	ShowTicket
access-requests	Operations	ShowTicketComments
access-requests	Operations	StealTicket
access-requests	Operations	TakeTicket
access-requests	Operations	Watch
access-requests	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
accounts-payable	Accounting	AdminQueue
accounts-payable	Accounting	AssignCustomFields
accounts-payable	Accounting	CommentOnTicket
accounts-payable	Accounting	CreateTicket
accounts-payable	Accounting	ForwardMessage
accounts-payable	Accounting	ModifyTicket
accounts-payable	Accounting	OwnTicket
accounts-payable	Accounting	ReplyToTicket
accounts-payable	Accounting	SeeCustomField
accounts-payable	Accounting	SeeQueue
accounts-payable	Accounting	ShowOutgoingEmail
accounts-payable	Accounting	ShowTicket
accounts-payable	Accounting	ShowTicketComments
accounts-payable	Accounting	StealTicket
accounts-payable	Accounting	TakeTicket
accounts-payable	Accounting	Watch
accounts-payable	Accounting	WatchAsAdminCc
accounts-payable	Purchasing	AdminQueue
accounts-payable	Purchasing	AssignCustomFields
accounts-payable	Purchasing	CommentOnTicket
accounts-payable	Purchasing	CreateTicket
accounts-payable	Purchasing	ForwardMessage
accounts-payable	Purchasing	ModifyTicket
accounts-payable	Purchasing	OwnTicket
accounts-payable	Purchasing	ReplyToTicket
accounts-payable	Purchasing	SeeCustomField
accounts-payable	Purchasing	SeeQueue
accounts-payable	Purchasing	ShowOutgoingEmail
accounts-payable	Purchasing	ShowTicket
accounts-payable	Purchasing	ShowTicketComments
accounts-payable	Purchasing	StealTicket
accounts-payable	Purchasing	TakeTicket
accounts-payable	Purchasing	Watch
accounts-payable	Purchasing	WatchAsAdminCc
core-ops		ReplyToTicket
core-ops	Engineering	AssignCustomFields
core-ops	Engineering	CommentOnTicket
core-ops	Engineering	CreateTicket
core-ops	Engineering	ForwardMessage
core-ops	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
core-ops	Engineering	ModifyTicket
core-ops	Engineering	OwnTicket
core-ops	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
core-ops	Engineering	SeeCustomField
core-ops	Engineering	SeeQueue
core-ops	Engineering	ShowACL
core-ops	Engineering	ShowOutgoingEmail
core-ops	Engineering	ShowScrips
core-ops	Engineering	ShowTemplate
core-ops	Engineering	ShowTicket
core-ops	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
core-ops	Engineering	StealTicket
core-ops	Engineering	TakeTicket
core-ops	Engineering	Watch
core-ops	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
core-ops	Operations	AdminQueue
core-ops	Operations	AssignCustomFields
core-ops	Operations	CommentOnTicket
core-ops	Operations	CreateTicket
core-ops	Operations	ForwardMessage
core-ops	Operations	ModifyACL
core-ops	Operations	ModifyCustomField
core-ops	Operations	ModifyQueueWatchers
core-ops	Operations	ModifyScrips
core-ops	Operations	ModifyTemplate
core-ops	Operations	ModifyTicket
core-ops	Operations	OwnTicket
core-ops	Operations	ReplyToTicket
core-ops	Operations	SeeCustomField
core-ops	Operations	SeeQueue
core-ops	Operations	ShowACL
core-ops	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
core-ops	Operations	ShowScrips
core-ops	Operations	ShowTemplate
core-ops	Operations	ShowTicket
core-ops	Operations	ShowTicketComments
core-ops	Operations	StealTicket
core-ops	Operations	TakeTicket
core-ops	Operations	Watch
core-ops	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
core-ops	Volunteers	CommentOnTicket
core-ops	Volunteers	CreateTicket
core-ops	Volunteers	ForwardMessage
core-ops	Volunteers	OwnTicket
core-ops	Volunteers	ReplyToTicket
core-ops	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
core-ops	Volunteers	SeeQueue
core-ops	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
core-ops	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
core-ops	Volunteers	ShowTicket
core-ops	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
core-ops	Volunteers	TakeTicket
core-ops	Volunteers	Watch
domains	Engineering	AssignCustomFields
domains	Engineering	CommentOnTicket
domains	Engineering	CreateTicket
domains	Engineering	ForwardMessage
domains	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
domains	Engineering	ModifyTicket
domains	Engineering	OwnTicket
domains	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
domains	Engineering	SeeCustomField
domains	Engineering	SeeQueue
domains	Engineering	ShowACL
domains	Engineering	ShowOutgoingEmail
domains	Engineering	ShowScrips
domains	Engineering	ShowTemplate
domains	Engineering	ShowTicket
domains	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
domains	Engineering	StealTicket
domains	Engineering	TakeTicket
domains	Engineering	Watch
domains	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
domains	Legal	AssignCustomFields
domains	Legal	CommentOnTicket
domains	Legal	CreateTicket
domains	Legal	DeleteTicket
domains	Legal	ForwardMessage
domains	Legal	ModifyTicket
domains	Legal	OwnTicket
domains	Legal	ReplyToTicket
domains	Legal	SeeCustomField
domains	Legal	SeeQueue
domains	Legal	ShowOutgoingEmail
domains	Legal	ShowTicket
domains	Legal	ShowTicketComments
domains	Legal	StealTicket
domains	Legal	TakeTicket
domains	Legal	Watch
domains	Legal	WatchAsAdminCc
domains	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
domains	Volunteers	SeeQueue
domains	Volunteers	ShowACL
domains	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
domains	Volunteers	ShowScrips
domains	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
domains	Volunteers	ShowTicket
domains	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
domains	Volunteers	Watch
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	AssignCustomFields
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	CommentOnTicket
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	CreateTicket
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ForwardMessage
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ModifyCustomField
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ModifyQueueWatchers
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ModifyTicket
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	OwnTicket
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ReplyToTicket
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	SeeCustomField
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	SeeQueue
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ShowACL
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ShowOutgoingEmail
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ShowTemplate
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ShowTicket
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	ShowTicketComments
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	StealTicket
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	TakeTicket
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	Watch
eqiad	Ashburn DC Engineers	WatchAsAdminCc
eqiad	Engineering	CreateTicket
eqiad	Engineering	ForwardMessage
eqiad	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
eqiad	Engineering	ModifyTicket
eqiad	Engineering	OwnTicket
eqiad	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
eqiad	Engineering	SeeCustomField
eqiad	Engineering	SeeQueue
eqiad	Engineering	ShowOutgoingEmail
eqiad	Engineering	ShowTicket
eqiad	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
eqiad	Engineering	StealTicket
eqiad	Engineering	TakeTicket
eqiad	Engineering	Watch
eqiad	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
eqiad	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
eqiad	Volunteers	SeeQueue
eqiad	Volunteers	ShowACL
eqiad	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
eqiad	Volunteers	ShowScrips
eqiad	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
eqiad	Volunteers	ShowTicket
eqiad	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
eqiad	Volunteers	Watch
esams	Engineering	AdminQueue
esams	Engineering	AssignCustomFields
esams	Engineering	CommentOnTicket
esams	Engineering	CreateTicket
esams	Engineering	ForwardMessage
esams	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
esams	Engineering	ModifyQueueWatchers
esams	Engineering	ModifyTicket
esams	Engineering	OwnTicket
esams	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
esams	Engineering	SeeCustomField
esams	Engineering	SeeQueue
esams	Engineering	ShowTicket
esams	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
esams	Engineering	StealTicket
esams	Engineering	TakeTicket
esams	Engineering	Watch
esams	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
esams	Operations	AdminQueue
esams	Operations	AssignCustomFields
esams	Operations	CommentOnTicket
esams	Operations	CreateTicket
esams	Operations	DeleteTicket
esams	Operations	ForwardMessage
esams	Operations	ModifyACL
esams	Operations	ModifyCustomField
esams	Operations	ModifyQueueWatchers
esams	Operations	ModifyScrips
esams	Operations	ModifyTemplate
esams	Operations	ModifyTicket
esams	Operations	OwnTicket
esams	Operations	ReplyToTicket
esams	Operations	SeeCustomField
esams	Operations	SeeQueue
esams	Operations	ShowACL
esams	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
esams	Operations	ShowScrips
esams	Operations	ShowTemplate
esams	Operations	ShowTicket
esams	Operations	ShowTicketComments
esams	Operations	StealTicket
esams	Operations	TakeTicket
esams	Operations	Watch
esams	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
esams	Toolserver	AssignCustomFields
esams	Toolserver	CommentOnTicket
esams	Toolserver	CreateTicket
esams	Toolserver	ForwardMessage
esams	Toolserver	ModifyCustomField
esams	Toolserver	ModifyTicket
esams	Toolserver	ReplyToTicket
esams	Toolserver	SeeCustomField
esams	Toolserver	SeeQueue
esams	Toolserver	ShowTicket
esams	Toolserver	ShowTicketComments
esams	Toolserver	Watch
esams	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
esams	Volunteers	SeeQueue
esams	Volunteers	ShowACL
esams	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
esams	Volunteers	ShowScrips
esams	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
esams	Volunteers	ShowTicket
esams	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
esams	Volunteers	Watch
General		AdminOwnPersonalGroups
General		CreateOwnDashboard
General		CreateSavedSearch
General		CreateTicket
General		DeleteOwnDashboard
General		EditSavedSearches
General		LoadSavedSearch
General		ModifyOwnDashboard
General		ModifySelf
General		ReplyToTicket
General		SeeCustomField
General		SeeOwnDashboard
General		SeeQueue
General		ShowApprovalsTab
General		ShowSavedSearches
General		SubscribeDashboard
General	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
General	Engineering	SeeCustomField
General	User 1	SuperUser
General	User 12	SuperUser
General	User 6	OwnTicket
hw-decommission		CommentOnTicket
hw-decommission		CreateTicket
hw-decommission		CreateTicket
hw-decommission		CreateTicket
hw-decommission		ReplyToTicket
hw-decommission	Accounting	CommentOnTicket
hw-decommission	Accounting	CreateTicket
hw-decommission	Accounting	ForwardMessage
hw-decommission	Accounting	ModifyTicket
hw-decommission	Accounting	OwnTicket
hw-decommission	Accounting	ReplyToTicket
hw-decommission	Accounting	SeeCustomField
hw-decommission	Accounting	SeeQueue
hw-decommission	Accounting	ShowOutgoingEmail
hw-decommission	Accounting	ShowTicket
hw-decommission	Accounting	ShowTicketComments
hw-decommission	Accounting	StealTicket
hw-decommission	Accounting	TakeTicket
hw-decommission	Accounting	Watch
hw-decommission	Accounting	WatchAsAdminCc
hw-decommission	Engineering	CommentOnTicket
hw-decommission	Engineering	CreateTicket
hw-decommission	Engineering	ForwardMessage
hw-decommission	Engineering	OwnTicket
hw-decommission	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
hw-decommission	Engineering	SeeQueue
hw-decommission	Engineering	ShowOutgoingEmail
hw-decommission	Engineering	ShowTicket
hw-decommission	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
hw-decommission	Engineering	Watch
hw-decommission	Operations	AssignCustomFields
hw-decommission	Operations	CommentOnTicket
hw-decommission	Operations	CreateTicket
hw-decommission	Operations	ForwardMessage
hw-decommission	Operations	ModifyTicket
hw-decommission	Operations	OwnTicket
hw-decommission	Operations	ReplyToTicket
hw-decommission	Operations	SeeCustomField
hw-decommission	Operations	SeeQueue
hw-decommission	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
hw-decommission	Operations	ShowTicket
hw-decommission	Operations	ShowTicketComments
hw-decommission	Operations	StealTicket
hw-decommission	Operations	TakeTicket
hw-decommission	Operations	Watch
hw-decommission	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	AssignCustomFields
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	CommentOnTicket
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	CreateTicket
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	ModifyTicket
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	OwnTicket
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	ReplyToTicket
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	SeeCustomField
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	SeeQueue
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	ShowTicket
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	ShowTicketComments
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	StealTicket
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	TakeTicket
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	Watch
hw-decommission	Tampa DC Engineers	WatchAsAdminCc
hw-decommission	Volunteers	ShowACL
hw-decommission	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
hw-decommission	Volunteers	ShowScrips
hw-decommission	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
hw-decommission	Volunteers	ShowTicket
hw-decommission	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
hw-decommission	Volunteers	Watch
legal	Operations	AdminQueue
legal	Operations	AssignCustomFields
legal	Operations	CommentOnTicket
legal	Operations	CreateTicket
legal	Operations	DeleteTicket
legal	Operations	ForwardMessage
legal	Operations	ModifyACL
legal	Operations	ModifyCustomField
legal	Operations	ModifyQueueWatchers
legal	Operations	ModifyScrips
legal	Operations	ModifyTemplate
legal	Operations	ModifyTicket
legal	Operations	OwnTicket
legal	Operations	ReplyToTicket
legal	Operations	SeeCustomField
legal	Operations	SeeQueue
legal	Operations	ShowACL
legal	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
legal	Operations	ShowScrips
legal	Operations	ShowTemplate
legal	Operations	ShowTicket
legal	Operations	ShowTicketComments
legal	Operations	StealTicket
legal	Operations	TakeTicket
legal	Operations	Watch
legal	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
maint-announce		CommentOnTicket
maint-announce		CreateTicket
maint-announce		ReplyToTicket
maint-announce	Engineering	AdminQueue
maint-announce	Engineering	ForwardMessage
maint-announce	Engineering	ModifyTicket
maint-announce	Engineering	OwnTicket
maint-announce	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
maint-announce	Engineering	SeeCustomField
maint-announce	Engineering	SeeQueue
maint-announce	Engineering	ShowTicket
maint-announce	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
maint-announce	Engineering	StealTicket
maint-announce	Engineering	TakeTicket
maint-announce	Engineering	Watch
maint-announce	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
maint-announce	Operations	AdminQueue
maint-announce	Operations	AssignCustomFields
maint-announce	Operations	CommentOnTicket
maint-announce	Operations	CreateTicket
maint-announce	Operations	DeleteTicket
maint-announce	Operations	ForwardMessage
maint-announce	Operations	ModifyCustomField
maint-announce	Operations	ModifyTicket
maint-announce	Operations	OwnTicket
maint-announce	Operations	ReplyToTicket
maint-announce	Operations	SeeCustomField
maint-announce	Operations	SeeQueue
maint-announce	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
maint-announce	Operations	ShowTicket
maint-announce	Operations	ShowTicketComments
maint-announce	Operations	StealTicket
maint-announce	Operations	TakeTicket
maint-announce	Operations	Watch
maint-announce	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
maint-announce	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
maint-announce	Volunteers	SeeQueue
maint-announce	Volunteers	ShowACL
maint-announce	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
maint-announce	Volunteers	ShowScrips
maint-announce	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
maint-announce	Volunteers	ShowTicket
maint-announce	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
maint-announce	Volunteers	Watch
network		ReplyToTicket
network		SeeCustomField
network	Engineering	CommentOnTicket
network	Engineering	CreateTicket
network	Engineering	ForwardMessage
network	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
network	Engineering	ModifyTicket
network	Engineering	OwnTicket
network	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
network	Engineering	SeeCustomField
network	Engineering	SeeQueue
network	Engineering	ShowTicket
network	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
network	Engineering	StealTicket
network	Engineering	TakeTicket
network	Engineering	Watch
network	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
network	Operations	AdminQueue
network	Operations	AssignCustomFields
network	Operations	CommentOnTicket
network	Operations	CreateTicket
network	Operations	DeleteTicket
network	Operations	ForwardMessage
network	Operations	ModifyACL
network	Operations	ModifyCustomField
network	Operations	ModifyQueueWatchers
network	Operations	ModifyScrips
network	Operations	ModifyTemplate
network	Operations	ModifyTicket
network	Operations	OwnTicket
network	Operations	ReplyToTicket
network	Operations	SeeCustomField
network	Operations	SeeQueue
network	Operations	ShowACL
network	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
network	Operations	ShowScrips
network	Operations	ShowTemplate
network	Operations	ShowTicket
network	Operations	ShowTicketComments
network	Operations	StealTicket
network	Operations	TakeTicket
network	Operations	Watch
network	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
network	User 12	AdminCustomField
network	User 12	ModifyCustomField
network	User 12	SeeCustomField
network	Volunteers	CommentOnTicket
network	Volunteers	CreateTicket
network	Volunteers	ForwardMessage
network	Volunteers	OwnTicket
network	Volunteers	ReplyToTicket
network	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
network	Volunteers	SeeQueue
network	Volunteers	ShowACL
network	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
network	Volunteers	ShowScrips
network	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
network	Volunteers	ShowTicket
network	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
network	Volunteers	Watch
office	Engineering	AdminQueue
office	Engineering	AssignCustomFields
office	Engineering	CommentOnTicket
office	Engineering	CreateTicket
office	Engineering	DeleteTicket
office	Engineering	ForwardMessage
office	Engineering	ModifyACL
office	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
office	Engineering	ModifyQueueWatchers
office	Engineering	ModifyScrips
office	Engineering	ModifyTemplate
office	Engineering	ModifyTicket
office	Engineering	OwnTicket
office	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
office	Engineering	SeeCustomField
office	Engineering	SeeQueue
office	Engineering	ShowACL
office	Engineering	ShowOutgoingEmail
office	Engineering	ShowScrips
office	Engineering	ShowTemplate
office	Engineering	ShowTicket
office	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
office	Engineering	StealTicket
office	Engineering	TakeTicket
office	Engineering	Watch
office	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
office	Office Engineers	AssignCustomFields
office	Office Engineers	CommentOnTicket
office	Office Engineers	CreateTicket
office	Office Engineers	ForwardMessage
office	Office Engineers	ModifyCustomField
office	Office Engineers	ModifyQueueWatchers
office	Office Engineers	ModifyScrips
office	Office Engineers	ModifyTemplate
office	Office Engineers	ModifyTicket
office	Office Engineers	OwnTicket
office	Office Engineers	ReplyToTicket
office	Office Engineers	SeeCustomField
office	Office Engineers	SeeQueue
office	Office Engineers	ShowACL
office	Office Engineers	ShowOutgoingEmail
office	Office Engineers	ShowScrips
office	Office Engineers	ShowTemplate
office	Office Engineers	ShowTicket
office	Office Engineers	ShowTicketComments
office	Office Engineers	StealTicket
office	Office Engineers	TakeTicket
office	Office Engineers	Watch
office	Office Engineers	WatchAsAdminCc
office	Operations	AdminQueue
office	Operations	AssignCustomFields
office	Operations	CommentOnTicket
office	Operations	CreateTicket
office	Operations	DeleteTicket
office	Operations	ForwardMessage
office	Operations	ModifyACL
office	Operations	ModifyCustomField
office	Operations	ModifyQueueWatchers
office	Operations	ModifyScrips
office	Operations	ModifyTemplate
office	Operations	ModifyTicket
office	Operations	OwnTicket
office	Operations	ReplyToTicket
office	Operations	SeeCustomField
office	Operations	SeeQueue
office	Operations	ShowACL
office	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
office	Operations	ShowScrips
office	Operations	ShowTemplate
office	Operations	ShowTicket
office	Operations	ShowTicketComments
office	Operations	StealTicket
office	Operations	TakeTicket
office	Operations	Watch
office	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
office	Volunteers	CommentOnTicket
office	Volunteers	CreateTicket
office	Volunteers	OwnTicket
office	Volunteers	ReplyToTicket
office	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
office	Volunteers	SeeQueue
office	Volunteers	ShowACL
office	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
office	Volunteers	ShowScrips
office	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
office	Volunteers	ShowTicket
office	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
office	Volunteers	Watch
ops-requests		CommentOnTicket
ops-requests		CreateTicket
ops-requests		ForwardMessage
ops-requests		ModifyCustomField
ops-requests		ReplyToTicket
ops-requests		SeeCustomField
ops-requests		SeeQueue
ops-requests		ShowTicket
ops-requests		Watch
ops-requests	Engineering	AdminQueue
ops-requests	Engineering	AssignCustomFields
ops-requests	Engineering	CommentOnTicket
ops-requests	Engineering	CreateTicket
ops-requests	Engineering	DeleteTicket
ops-requests	Engineering	ForwardMessage
ops-requests	Engineering	ModifyACL
ops-requests	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
ops-requests	Engineering	ModifyQueueWatchers
ops-requests	Engineering	ModifyScrips
ops-requests	Engineering	ModifyTemplate
ops-requests	Engineering	ModifyTicket
ops-requests	Engineering	OwnTicket
ops-requests	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
ops-requests	Engineering	SeeCustomField
ops-requests	Engineering	SeeQueue
ops-requests	Engineering	ShowACL
ops-requests	Engineering	ShowOutgoingEmail
ops-requests	Engineering	ShowScrips
ops-requests	Engineering	ShowTemplate
ops-requests	Engineering	ShowTicket
ops-requests	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
ops-requests	Engineering	StealTicket
ops-requests	Engineering	TakeTicket
ops-requests	Engineering	Watch
ops-requests	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
ops-requests	Operations	AdminQueue
ops-requests	Operations	AssignCustomFields
ops-requests	Operations	CommentOnTicket
ops-requests	Operations	CreateTicket
ops-requests	Operations	DeleteTicket
ops-requests	Operations	ForwardMessage
ops-requests	Operations	ModifyACL
ops-requests	Operations	ModifyCustomField
ops-requests	Operations	ModifyQueueWatchers
ops-requests	Operations	ModifyTicket
ops-requests	Operations	OwnTicket
ops-requests	Operations	ReplyToTicket
ops-requests	Operations	SeeCustomField
ops-requests	Operations	SeeQueue
ops-requests	Operations	ShowACL
ops-requests	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
ops-requests	Operations	ShowScrips
ops-requests	Operations	ShowTemplate
ops-requests	Operations	ShowTicket
ops-requests	Operations	ShowTicketComments
ops-requests	Operations	StealTicket
ops-requests	Operations	TakeTicket
ops-requests	Operations	Watch
ops-requests	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
ops-requests	Tampa DC Engineers	WatchAsAdminCc
ops-requests	Volunteers	CommentOnTicket
ops-requests	Volunteers	CreateTicket
ops-requests	Volunteers	ForwardMessage
ops-requests	Volunteers	ModifyCustomField
ops-requests	Volunteers	OwnTicket
ops-requests	Volunteers	ReplyToTicket
ops-requests	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
ops-requests	Volunteers	SeeQueue
ops-requests	Volunteers	ShowACL
ops-requests	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
ops-requests	Volunteers	ShowScrips
ops-requests	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
ops-requests	Volunteers	ShowTicket
ops-requests	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
ops-requests	Volunteers	Watch
pmtpa		SeeCustomField
pmtpa	Engineering	AdminQueue
pmtpa	Engineering	AssignCustomFields
pmtpa	Engineering	CommentOnTicket
pmtpa	Engineering	CreateTicket
pmtpa	Engineering	DeleteTicket
pmtpa	Engineering	ForwardMessage
pmtpa	Engineering	ModifyACL
pmtpa	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
pmtpa	Engineering	ModifyQueueWatchers
pmtpa	Engineering	ModifyScrips
pmtpa	Engineering	ModifyTemplate
pmtpa	Engineering	ModifyTicket
pmtpa	Engineering	OwnTicket
pmtpa	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
pmtpa	Engineering	SeeCustomField
pmtpa	Engineering	SeeQueue
pmtpa	Engineering	ShowACL
pmtpa	Engineering	ShowOutgoingEmail
pmtpa	Engineering	ShowScrips
pmtpa	Engineering	ShowTemplate
pmtpa	Engineering	ShowTicket
pmtpa	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
pmtpa	Engineering	StealTicket
pmtpa	Engineering	TakeTicket
pmtpa	Engineering	Watch
pmtpa	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	AdminQueue
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	AssignCustomFields
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	CommentOnTicket
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	CreateTicket
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ForwardMessage
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ModifyCustomField
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ModifyQueueWatchers
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ModifyTicket
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	OwnTicket
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ReplyToTicket
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	SeeCustomField
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	SeeQueue
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ShowACL
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ShowOutgoingEmail
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ShowTemplate
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ShowTicket
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	ShowTicketComments
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	StealTicket
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	TakeTicket
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	Watch
pmtpa	Tampa DC Engineers	WatchAsAdminCc
pmtpa	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
pmtpa	Volunteers	SeeQueue
pmtpa	Volunteers	ShowACL
pmtpa	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
pmtpa	Volunteers	ShowScrips
pmtpa	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
pmtpa	Volunteers	ShowTicket
pmtpa	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
pmtpa	Volunteers	Watch
procurement	Accounting	CommentOnTicket
procurement	Accounting	ForwardMessage
procurement	Accounting	ModifyTicket
procurement	Accounting	OwnTicket
procurement	Accounting	ReplyToTicket
procurement	Accounting	ShowOutgoingEmail
procurement	Accounting	ShowTicket
procurement	Accounting	ShowTicketComments
procurement	Accounting	StealTicket
procurement	Accounting	TakeTicket
procurement	Accounting	Watch
procurement	Operations	AdminQueue
procurement	Operations	AssignCustomFields
procurement	Operations	CommentOnTicket
procurement	Operations	CreateTicket
procurement	Operations	ForwardMessage
procurement	Operations	ModifyACL
procurement	Operations	ModifyCustomField
procurement	Operations	ModifyQueueWatchers
procurement	Operations	ModifyScrips
procurement	Operations	ModifyTemplate
procurement	Operations	ModifyTicket
procurement	Operations	OwnTicket
procurement	Operations	ReplyToTicket
procurement	Operations	SeeCustomField
procurement	Operations	SeeQueue
procurement	Operations	ShowACL
procurement	Operations	ShowOutgoingEmail
procurement	Operations	ShowScrips
procurement	Operations	ShowTemplate
procurement	Operations	ShowTicket
procurement	Operations	ShowTicketComments
procurement	Operations	StealTicket
procurement	Operations	TakeTicket
procurement	Operations	Watch
procurement	Operations	WatchAsAdminCc
procurement	Purchasing	AdminQueue
procurement	Purchasing	CommentOnTicket
procurement	Purchasing	CreateTicket
procurement	Purchasing	ForwardMessage
procurement	Purchasing	ModifyTicket
procurement	Purchasing	OwnTicket
procurement	Purchasing	ReplyToTicket
procurement	Purchasing	SeeCustomField
procurement	Purchasing	SeeQueue
procurement	Purchasing	ShowOutgoingEmail
procurement	Purchasing	ShowTicket
procurement	Purchasing	StealTicket
procurement	Purchasing	TakeTicket
procurement	Purchasing	Watch
procurement	Purchasing	WatchAsAdminCc
security-announce	Volunteers	SeeCustomField
security-announce	Volunteers	SeeQueue
security-announce	Volunteers	ShowACL
security-announce	Volunteers	ShowOutgoingEmail
security-announce	Volunteers	ShowScrips
security-announce	Volunteers	ShowTemplate
security-announce	Volunteers	ShowTicket
security-announce	Volunteers	ShowTicketComments
security-announce	Volunteers	Watch
todo		CreateTicket
todo		OwnTicket
todo		SeeQueue
ulsfo	Engineering	AdminQueue
ulsfo	Engineering	CreateTicket
ulsfo	Engineering	DeleteTicket
ulsfo	Engineering	ForwardMessage
ulsfo	Engineering	ModifyCustomField
ulsfo	Engineering	ModifyTicket
ulsfo	Engineering	OwnTicket
ulsfo	Engineering	ReplyToTicket
ulsfo	Engineering	SeeCustomField
ulsfo	Engineering	SeeQueue
ulsfo	Engineering	ShowOutgoingEmail
ulsfo	Engineering	ShowTicket
ulsfo	Engineering	ShowTicketComments
ulsfo	Engineering	StealTicket
ulsfo	Engineering	TakeTicket
ulsfo	Engineering	Watch
ulsfo	Engineering	WatchAsAdminCc
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	AdminQueue
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	AssignCustomFields
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	CommentOnTicket
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	CreateTicket
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ForwardMessage
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ModifyCustomField
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ModifyQueueWatchers
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ModifyTicket
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	OwnTicket
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ReplyToTicket
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	SeeCustomField
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	SeeQueue
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ShowACL
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ShowOutgoingEmail
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ShowTemplate
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ShowTicket
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	ShowTicketComments
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	StealTicket
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	TakeTicket
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	Watch
ulsfo	San Francisco DC Engineers	WatchAsAdminCc
___Approvals		SeeCustomField


Please note these tables are NOT up to date, but you can help updating them from the raw output or mysql query above

core ops
Unprivileged Privileged Everyone Accounting Ashburn DC Engineers Engineering Legal Managers Office Engineers Operations Purchasing San Francisco DC Engineers Tampa DC Engineers Toolserver
Unprivileged Privileged Everyone Accounting Ashburn DC Engineers Engineering Legal Managers Office Engineers Operations Purchasing San Francisco DC Engineers Tampa DC Engineers Toolserver
Unprivileged Privileged Everyone Accounting Ashburn DC Engineers Engineering Legal Managers Office Engineers Operations Purchasing San Francisco DC Engineers Tampa DC Engineers Toolserver

Permissions per queue per group

ToDo/How to help: Create wiki tables for all queues and permissions and keep them updated from raw info paste above.


ops RT, graph examples:

Who requests in ops-requests?

How much has been resolved in all queues?

How much has been resolved monthly?

How much is left to do per queue?

Wishlist & annoyances

  • If you (accidently) click on any link while updating a ticket, and hit the browser Back button, your entered text is gone. Very annoying.
  • Set($NotifyActor, 1) should be a personal user preference.