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This page contains historical information. It is probably no longer true.

How to deploy the emergency Toolforge error page (503).

1) Set up Hiera: Hiera:Tools

  • "dynamicproxy::error_enabled": true
  • "dynamicproxy::error_details": <details you want to add to the page>
  • "dynamicproxy::error_message": <to override the standard 'this server is having technical issues' notice>

You can use HTML for this

2) puppet apply -tv on tools-webproxy-XX

3) if this fails: 3a) edit /etc/nginx/sites-available/proxy manually:

  • search for "# To enable the 'This server is experiencing technical difficulties' message:"
  • remove comment in code line below
  • remove rest of file

3b) edit /var/www-error/errorpage.html to fill in information

4) if you need to serve other files from the webserver, this is possible. Put them in /var/www-error and they should just work. Non-existent URLs get a 503 instead of a 404.