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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.

During the june 2015 NFS outage, we did an emergency deployment of the demw wiki loves earth jury tool on toolsbeta. This is a step-for-step guide what we did at that point, although some intermediate steps might be missing.

1) Find a suitable host.

  • We chose a host on Toolforge because it had on-line instances that could be deleted safely afterwards (spinning up new instances took an hour or more).
  • We chose a host with a suitable Security Group setup -- with port 8080 open to
  • We chose a host with a running web service setup so we could have an environment akin to the existing Toolforge one

Best host: toolsbeta-webgrid-04

2) Disable NFS and restart host (human intervention by Yuvi)

3) create basic structure in /data/project:

     /data/project/jury/public_html (containing salvaged code)

4) hack around the safeguards in lighttpd-starter

  • lighttpd-starter checks whether the server is allowed to start. It also tries to write in places where we don't have permission to write
--- /usr/local/bin/lighttpd-starter     2015-04-05 06:13:33.878601295 +0000
+++ lighttpd-starter   2015-07-03 21:45:21.945025980 +0000
@@ -23,14 +23,10 @@
-prefix=$(/bin/cat /etc/wmflabs-project)
+prefix=tools #$(/bin/cat /etc/wmflabs-project)
-home=$(getent passwd $user | cut -d : -f 6 | sed -e's/\/$//')
-if [ "$(getent group $user | cut -d : -f 1)" !="$user" ]; then
-  echo "$0: $1does not appear to be a tool" >&2
-  exit 1
+home=/data/project/jury #$(getent passwd $user | cut -d :-f 6 | sed -e 's/\/$//')
 if ["$home" = "" -o ! -d "$home/public_html" ]; then

5) start the webserver in a screen

sudo su tools.jury
script /dev/null
./lighttpd-starter jury 8080

6) Test if the webservice is running (ssh tunnel)

7) Disable webservice on Toolforge (requires root login)

  • stop webservice, make sure it stays stopped (no service.manifest, but that's hard without NFS)

8) set up proxy to redirect to temporary host

9) test on tools.wmflabs.org