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This page documents the custom Pywikibot build service image.

Updating the image

This needs to happen every time there is a new Pywikibot release.

Upstream stable branch release merge commit
  • Fast-forward merge the pywikibot upstream stable branch release merge commit, in the image on the side, that'd be 018c420 (the first commit after the tag), push to gitlab
    $ git remote add pywikibot https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/pywikibot/core
    $ git fetch -v pywikibot
    $ git merge --ff-only $RELEASE_MERGE_COMMIT
    $ git push origin stable
  • Checkout the toolforge branch, and merge the stable branch to the toolforge branch, this will create a merge commit
    $ git checkout toolforge
    $ git reset --hard origin/toolforge
    $ git merge stable
  • Push toolforge branch to gitlab
    $ git push origin toolforge
  • Start a build (note that the image name is not the default)
    tools.pywikibot@tools-sgebastion-11:~$ toolforge build start -i pywikibot-scripts-stable --ref toolforge https://gitlab.wikimedia.org/toolforge-repos/pywikibot-buildservice

Doing a test

You can do a test using the tool wikitech-double-redirect-bot, that is setup to authenticate on wikitech:

tools.wikitech-double-redirect-bot@tools-sgebastion-10:~$ toolforge jobs run --image tool-pywikibot/pywikibot-scripts-stable:latest --command "pwb -family:wikitech -lang:en listpages -cat:Bots" test-image

tools.wikitech-double-redirect-bot@tools-sgebastion-10:~$ toolforge jobs logs test-image -f
2024-03-11T10:24:45+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7] family and mylang are not set.
2024-03-11T10:24:45+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7] Defaulting to family='wikipedia' and mylang='test'.
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]    1 Asanack-bot
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]    2 Bridgebot
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]    3 Linkwatcher
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]    4 Dbbot-wm
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]    5 Gerrit/Phabricator integration
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]    6 IRCD
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]    7 Ircecho
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]    8 Jouncebot
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]    9 Logmsgbot
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   10 Meetbot
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   11 Morebots
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   12 Nagios-wm
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   13 Phab-ban
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   14 Phabricator/Conduit API Tokens
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   15 ReleaseTaggerBot
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   16 Stashbot
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   17 Wikibugs
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   18 WikiSVN
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   19 Wm-bot
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   20 Wprc
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7]   21 Zhmrtbot
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7] 
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7] 21 read operations
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7] Execution time: 
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7] Read operation time: 0.0 seconds
2024-03-11T10:24:47+00:00 [test-image-8kxb7] Script terminated successfully.

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