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This is an attempt to identify who knows what about which Cloud Services subject areas. Started: October 2018.

On a scale of 0-5 where 0 means "no idea" and 5 means "expert", please rate your knowledge of the below skills. All prolific (incl past) contributors to these areas, please add yourselves freely!

Category Skill Staff Contractors Volunteers
Andrew Arturo Bryan David Francesco Rook Slavina Nicholas Raymond KunalKunal Chico Taavi
VM Infrastructure NFS, system-level 🛠️
NFS integration e.g. nfs-exportd 🛠️
Ceph 🔧
VM auth things: Ldap/Pam/Groups 🛠️
Toolforge Toolforge K8s
Toolforge Grid
Web services Proxies (project and tools) 🛠️
Openstack Browser 🔧
OpenStack Nova and Glance 🛠️
Keystone 🛠️
Designate 🛠️
Horizon 🛠️
Neutron 🔧
Databases Replicas 🔧
Toolsdb 🔧
Other skills DNS 🛠️
Puppet 🛠️
Grafana 🔧
Prometheus 🐾
MediaWiki 🔧
Python coding 🛠️
Golang coding
Shellscript coding 🛠️
Ruby coding 🔧
Category Skill Andrew Arturo Bryan David Francesco Rook Slavina Nicholas Raymond Alex Chico Taavi
Staff Contractors Volunteers

  • As they are self-assessments, each rating should generally be compared along columns and not along rows – i.e. people's self-ratings in one field X should be compared against their self-ratings in another field Y, not against other people's self-ratings in the same field X.


  • 🛠️ Regularly works on/with this
  • 🔧 Occasionally works on/with this
  • 💡 Can mentor/teach someone
  • 🐾 Is currently learning/wants to start learning