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Devstack can be used to prototype and test openstack magnum for kubernetes and other orchestration

Installation guides

Magnum info

Create a template

openstack coe cluster template create my-upgrade --image Fedora-CoreOS --external-network public --fixed-network private --fixed-subnet private-subnet --dns-nameserver --network-driver flannel --docker-storage-driver overlay2 --volume-driver cinder --docker-volume-size 30 --master-flavor m1.small --flavor m1.medium --coe kubernetes --labels kube_tag=v1.21.8-rancher1-linux-amd64,hyperkube_prefix=docker.io/rancher/,cloud_provider_enabled=true

kube_tag can be found at https://hub.docker.com/r/rancher/hyperkube/tags

scale a cluster

openstack coe cluster resize <cluster name> <number of workers>

upgrade a cluster

openstack coe cluster upgrade <cluster name> <template to upgrade to>

If this gets stuck you may need to uncordon any cordoned nodes and then run:

openstack coe cluster resize <cluster name> <current number of workers>

to reset the cluster status. Then run the upgrade again.

While updating kubectl won't work, but services will still be running and available.