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PAWS/Getting started with PAWS

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This page contains information about how to get started with PAWS.


The page contains a link to a comprehensive notebook based tutorial that you can follow to get started with PAWS and navigate the control panel. This page also includes a Quickstart guide for those who want to get started right away.


Since PAWS is hosted in the cloud and requires no installation, you can use PAWS without installing any software. Some programming knowledge can be useful but is not necessary to use the service for many purposes.

Notebook based tutorial

  • Get Started with PAWS - This notebook based tutorial provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the PAWS service.


The following steps will help you get logged in and perform some very basic tasks with PAWS.

  1. Open PAWS
  2. Click the Sign in with MediaWiki button.
  3. Allow permission for PAWS to perform some actions on your behalf.


Create a new or upload an existing notebook.

  1. Click the New button and choose your notebook type. You can choose Python 3, Bash and R or folder, text file or terminal.


Share your notebook using a public link.

  1. Use the Public Link or PAWS public link button at the top right to generate a public URL, or
  2. Alter the URL manually to make your notebook public: https://public-paws.wmcloud.org/User:YOURUSERNAME/YOURNOTEBOOK.ipynb


Fork an existing notebook

  1. Get the URL of another public PAWS notebook. Example: https://public-paws.wmcloud.org/YOURUSERNAME/YOURNOTEBOOK.ipynb
  2. Add ?format=raw to the end of the URL to download a raw .ipynb file. Example: https://public-paws.wmcloud.org/YOURUSERNAME/YOURNOTEBOOK.ipynb?format=raw
  3. Log into your PAWS account and use "upload" to upload this copy into your own directory.