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Dear all, recently we started the project NOA. So far, we have lots of encouraging feedback and support from experienced Wikipedia editors like and

Though we are still unsure where to leave all the images. Our preliminary database, on which we will run image classification etc. is here: - but as you will note on the result lists, the images themself still rest on the publishers site. In order to change that we are looking for a place where we can store lots of figures - again, preliminary. If everything goes according to our plans, we will build a pipeline for figures that are apropriate for inclusion into WM Commons - that is, openly licensed, well sourced, well classified etc. We think that we should move most or all of this pipeline to WMF Tools/Labs as soon as possible. To us, this seems to be the best way to keep our whole effort open and sustainable. We want to make sure the threshold of using that pipeline is as low as possible, even when the funding for our project is over. What do you think?

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