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Project Name reading-web-staging
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Server admin log


  • 16:47 andrewbogott: rebooting nehpets VM, OOM
  • 14:54 andrewbogott: rebooting; seems hung


  • 20:22 andrewbogott: nehpets; it's oom


  • 14:52 bd808: Re-enabled puppet on reading-web-staging-3. Upstream puppet patch to fix mwvagrant sudoer rules has been merged.


  • 19:55 bd808: Disabled puppet on reading-web-staging-3
  • 19:33 bd808: Rebooting reading-web-staging-3
  • 19:07 bd808: Moving old /srv to new disk on reading-web-staging-3
  • 19:03 bd808: Adding role::labs::lvm::srv... (more)

Services running here

All instances running with the web security group expose ports 8000-9000

skins (large)

Primary maintainer: Jon Robson

Showcases skins for MediaWiki.


  • 80:
  • 8080:

trendingbuster (small)

Primary maintainer: Jon Robson Still active as of: Aug 4th 2020

Hosts the Wikipedia trending endpoint which is used on Wikipedia's IFTTT channel

This also hosts a demo of a Wikipedia progressive web app that makes use of the trending service.

A cronjob keeps the wikipedia-trending services up and running if they go down.


  • 8080:
  • 8100:

Notes: Given the IFTTT project is owned by Jon (and a few others) it does not belong on the reading web staging machine, but is kept here due to the fact that it is in production and an expected level of service is implied.

a11y (medium) [PAUSED]

Primary maintainer: Jan Drewniak

Mediawiki instance with a WIP popups patch that enables screen-readers to read the popup descriptions. Created to test accessibility, tracked in T192627.

Paused on July 29th as likely inactive, but Jan is not available to confirm.


  • A new instance is needed to test accessibility of the page previews. This new instance should be in a fixed state and be reliably available given we expect to make use of external testers.
  • Several of the instances are bigger than necessary (readers-web-stephen+readers-web-master). These should be downgraded to small instances retaining the local data and set up of those wikis.
  • A new instance is proposed called "reading-web-showcase" (small) that should run nomad and marvin-staging and and any other projects that do not need to be kept operational 100% of the time. This would free us up with the equivalent of a large instance. Given limited available space, we will need to ensure at least 1 small free machine is free before doing this to avoid taking down any existing services.
  • trending should be moved to a separate resource. It needs to run on (not Given IFTTT code runs on tools-lab, this makes it tricky to identify a sensible home.