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  • 20:34 bstorm_: Added 10G to RAM quota to allow spinning up a bigmem instance T237354


  • 19:19 andrewbogott: migrating project to eqiad1-r


  • 05:38 andrewbogott: removing the role::deprecated::mediawiki::install class from instance language-dev because that class is totally broken and preventing puppet from running on the instance


  • 17:12 mutante: puppet fail on language-dev - cloning from gerrit to /srv/mediawiki/vendor fails, general brokenness
  • 17:11 mutante: killed gmond on language-dev, self hosted puppetmaster, (T115330)


  • 20:06 mutante: language-dev running puppet, still fails due to issue with MW-singlenode and gitclone (but hey the kernels got installed)
  • 20:01 mutante: language-dev dpkg-configure -a to fix borked dpkg (manually interrupted dist-upgrade?) , manually removing ganglia (T115330)
  • 20:00 mutante: language-dev puppet fail / broken dpkg, dpkg was interrupted

September 20

  • 14:57 andrewbogott: moved language-mleb-legacy to virt1009
  • 14:53 andrewbogott: moved language-lcmd to virt1009
  • 14:49 andrewbogott: moved language-browsertests to virt1009

April 25

  • 14:56 hashar: set user email of Selenium_user to MY email to reset the password to the one used on the beta cluster
  • 13:10 Coren: purged autofs from language-browsertests and rebooted
  • 11:39 mutante: made hashar and dzahn project admins
  • 11:39 mutante: added self to project

April 4

  • 08:16 mutante: upped instance quota from 10 to 20