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Project Name bastion



The project to allow Cloud VPS users to connect to other instances within Cloud VPS via tunneling/proxy.

Global projects

In order to connect to other Cloud VPS instances, you need to be a member of this project. Then follow the instructions in Help:Access.

The bastion project is a project solely meant to store bastion instances, for security reasons. No other instances should be added to this project. Only Wikimedia Operations team members should be added as sysadmins.

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Server admin log


  • 18:16 mutante: bastion-restricted-eqiad1-01 - /etc/apt/sources.list.d# mv openstack-mitaka-jessie.list /root/  ; puppet agent -tv - fixed puppet run T281176
  • 18:14 mutante: bastion-restricted-eqiad1-01, a stretch host, has openstack-mitaka-jessie.list in APT sources. mixed stretch/jessie sources cause issues T281176
  • 18:08 mutante: bastion-restricted-eqiad1-01 puppet runs again but still has unrelated issues, like "failed to fetch python3-dateutil" T281176 on stretch
  • 18:06 mutante: running puppet on bastion-restricted... (more)