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Bare metal

mwdebug hosts are a small cluster of application servers set aside for use with WikimediaDebug.

The servers run on shared Ganeti hardware rather than baremetal and have a few additional packages installed to aid in debugging (such as php-tideways).

We currently have:

  • mwdebug1001.eqiad: Ad-hoc testing
  • mwdebug1002.eqiad: Stage during deployment for Eqiad.
  • mwdebug2001.codfw: Ad-hoc testing.
  • mwdebug2002.codfw: Stage during deployment for Codfw.


Connect to mwdebug over ssh by proxying through a bastion (e.g. bast1003.wikimedia.org). As with other hosts, ensure you have ProxyJump configured in .ssh/config (see Production shell access). Then connect as follows:

user@laptop:~$ ssh mwdebug1002.eqiad.wmnet

MediaWiki on Kubernetes

As part of MediaWiki On Kubernetes, two mw-debug deployments exist (one in each datacenter). These deployments can be reached via the browser through the k8s-mwdebug option for WikimediaDebug.




  • mwdebug deployments of Mediawiki on Kubernetes were made available in 2021
  • Debug hosts were reimaged with buster on in Feb 2021.
  • mwmdebug1003 was a WikimediaDebug host in Eqiad, used for testing Debian Buster for a while when most servers ran Stretch. It was later used for testing Stretch when most servers were Buster. It was deleted in 2020 per T267248.