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This page documents comments made about past migrations. This is here to centralise specific notes and also to allow comments/experiences to expand into more detail in future.

Migration from lily to sodium

Configuration files can be copied to sodium just fine. Variables that may need to be changed are:

  • reply_to_address
  • host_name

Most of these can probably be done automatically. Not present in the dumped list configuration file is the list's URLs. A fix_url withlist script is provided to change this.

Archives can be copied by just transferring the .mbox file, and then rebuilding the archive from scratch with arch --wipe.

  • Files in dirs lists, archives and data should be rsynced again, with Mailman disabled on both sides. dpkg-reconfigure mailman should be rerun.

Migration from sodium to fermium

On 2015-09-18 we migrated from sodium (Ubuntu lucid) to fermium (Debian jessie), a VM running on the ganeti cluster. We use the default jessie package, so we are at 2.1.8 now.

T105756 was the tracking ticket for this migration and has many subtasks and a migration plan.

To copy list configs and archives we used the scripts rsync_lists and rsync_exim which can be found in /usr/local/sbin/ on the server and are puppetized in the mailman module. you can also see related gerrit changes.

After shutting down exim and mailman and rsyncing we also ran ./bin/update and ./bin/check_perms from the mailman package.