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Currently, we upload the reports by hand. Here is how to do so:

  • Log into WMF's CiviCRM.
  • Go to /admin/import_checks, there should be an "Import Checks" menu item in the left sidebar.
  • Click the "Browse" button and select your report file.
  • Select "Coinbase" from the file type radio buttons.
  • Click "Upload".

The results of your import should appear in the log pane.


  • What is the format for downloading transactions from Coinbase? We will be using their built-in Transaction History and Merchant History downloads? We need a sample of the actual data before development can begin. Let's avoid any custom spreadsheet download if possible.
    • If we are committed to a custom spreadsheet for some reason, I have a lot more questions.
  • Downloads are nightly? Can we automate using sftp?
  • We'll create a new gateway, "coinbase", but should the payment instrument be "cash"?
  • Refunds
    • Our plan is to have donor services perform refunds in their console?
    • How will we identify transactions to refund? Bitcoin[1] transactions can come from multiple sources, for example, so do we pay out to each source individually, or is this transparent to us?
    • There was some talk about making bank transfer refunds. Can we agree that we will not do this?
  • Recurring
    • If a donor asks us to cancel their subscription, it sounds like we only have one option: tell them to cancel themselves in Coinbase. Or can we do that for them?



We are not releasing until testing is completed.


We will refund in USD, an amount equal to what we received after instant conversion. This is possible through the web UI or by API.

  1. http://cryptodetail.com/satoshi-nakamoto-and-suspected-people/ What is Bitcoin and who is Satoshi Nakamoto?