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Self-recurring checks

11:09 <+Jeff_Green> no. it's a two part thing
11:09 <+Jeff_Green> part one is a perl script collect_activemq_stats_via_gmetric
11:10 <+Jeff_Green> that script is in puppet, it calls 
11:11 <+Jeff_Green> and parses the output for a whole bunch of predefined queues
11:11 <+Jeff_Green> then it injects the results to ganglia using /usr/bin/gmetric
11:12 <+Jeff_Green> finally it writes a statefile to /tmp/activem_queues.state
11:12 <+Jeff_Green> second part is a nagios plugin
11:12 <+Jeff_Green> silicon:/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_activemq
11:14 <+Jeff_Green> that reads the statefile from the ganglia collector, parses for whichever 
                    queue you've requested, decided whether or not it is alertworthy (from 
                    command line args, per usual nagios plugin usage), and sends the report as 
                    a passive check to nagios
11:15 <+Jeff_Green> so the whole icinga part is working but somehow the nagios config is missing
11:15 <+Jeff_Green> all of this is puppetized fwiw