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Libera Chat

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Libera Chat is an IRC network used by the Wikimedia community since May 2021. Community-maintained documentation about how to use IRC can be found at m:IRC, and to manage your channel, refer to m:IRC/Instructions#Instructions for channel ops.

Create a public channel

Consider using our Git-configured channel manager for this. Refer to IRC/Bots/ircservserv, for how.

Or to do it manually:

/join #mychannel

/cs register #mychannel
/cs set #mychannel verbose on
/cs set #mychannel guard on

/mode #mychannel +b $j:#wikimedia-bans

Create a private channel

Basic template for a channel that's invite-only:

/join #mychannel

/cs register #mychannel
/cs set #mychannel verbose on
/cs set #mychannel guard on
/cs set #mychannel mlock +ings-t

/mode #mychannel +b $j:#wikimedia-bans

In the future, these may be managed via a Git repo like our public channels (T283492).

Manage a channel

Common actions to do as a channel operator.

Op your self

/msg ChanServ OP #mychannel

and deop

/msg ChanServ DEOP #mychannel

To verify nick protection

/msg nickserv info Account_name_here

you should see Account_name_here has enabled nick protection

Enable nick protection

/msg nickserv set enforce on

Show invite list

/mode #mychannel +I

Invite someone to a channel (permanently)

/mode #mychannel +I $a:Account_name_here

The name here should be their registered NickServ name. To be sure, open whois for the username in your client (e.g. right click on their name) or run /whois Name_here, to see their registered name in case they have a temporary display name that's different.

Invite yourself to a private channel

/msg ChanServ INVITE #mychannel $nick

Remove someone from the invite list

/mode #mychannel -I $a:Account_name_here

Invite someone to a list temporarily

From within the channel itself:

/invite Name_here

Edit the topic

In a public channel, set yourself in operator mode first via /cs op #mychannel. For private channels this step is generally not needed.

Edit the topic directly via your graphical interface or use /topic #mychannel New topic text here.

View access list

/cs flags #mychannel

Add channel operator

Set yourself in operator mode first via /cs op #mychannel.

/cs flags #mychannel Account_name_here +Afiortv

Remove a guest

Set yourself in operator mode first via /cs op #mychannel.

Remove them once by current nick

/kick Name_here

Or ban by IP/host name:

/mode #mychannel +b *!*@hostnamehere

You can use wildcards in place of part of the hostname.

Manage Users

Check user has nick protection

/msg nickserv info nick_goes_here

you should see a message similar to nick_goes_here has enabled nick protection

09:20 -NickServ(NickServ@services.libera.chat)- Information on jbond (account jbond):
09:20 -NickServ(NickServ@services.libera.chat)- Registered : May 19 12:28:41 2021 +0000 (1y 18w 0d ago)
09:20 -NickServ(NickServ@services.libera.chat)- Last seen  : now
09:20 -NickServ(NickServ@services.libera.chat)- User seen  : now
09:20 -NickServ(NickServ@services.libera.chat)- Flags      : HideMail, Private
09:20 -NickServ(NickServ@services.libera.chat)- jbond has enabled nick protection
09:20 -NickServ(NickServ@services.libera.chat)- *** End of Info ***

See also

Freenode IRC network

For the twenty years prior to 2021, the movement chat channels were on the Freenode IRC network since 2002.[1]

Wikimedia Foundation used to operate one of the network servers for Freenode: dickson.freenode.net.

  1. en.wikipedia.org, Revision on 14 August 2002