FlaggedRevs setup/enwiki 2010-06-15

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Here's the broad outline for the plan to roll out FlaggedRevs/Pending Changes to enwiki:

Monday: Roll out FlaggedRevsAlpha to existing FlaggedRevs users

  1. Remove all labs hacks, configure everything use non-alpha
  2. SVN move FlaggedRevs_alpha over FlaggedRevs
  3. Checkout /extensions on fenari. Sync.
  4. Check for bugs/problems on any FR wikis.
  5. Revert this change if needed.

Tuesday: Roll out to enwiki

  1. Add an entry for enwiki in wmf-config/flaggedrevs.php with the same settings as the flaggedrevs_labswikimedia one.
  2. Add the extension's tables to enwiki...
    • cd /home/wikipedia/common/php-1.5/
    • php maintenance/sql.php --wiki=enwiki extensions/FlaggedRevs/FlaggedRevs.sql
  3. Add the wiki to the FlaggedRevs group so it'll use it...
    • Add enwiki to /home/wikipedia/common/flaggedrevs.dblist
  4. Update live configuration:
    • touch InitialiseSettings.php to invalidate the cache
    • sync-common-all

Post-deploy checklist:

Removal steps

Only use these instructions if something goes wrong

  1. Set $wgFlaggedRevsProtectQuota = 0;. This disallows new flag-protections.
  2. In FlaggedRevs/maintenance, run php flagToSemiProtect.php enwiki <enwiki admin name> <reason>. This will semi-protect all flag-protected pages. The flaggedpage_config table data is *still there* so the pages are also left flag-protected.
  3. In FlaggedRevs/maintenance, run php purgeReviewablePages.php enwiki --makelist. This makes the list of flag-protected pages to clear for the squid cache.
  4. Remove enwiki from flaggedrevs.dblist
  5. Touch InitialiseSettings.php to make the dblist change apply. This should disable the extension and therefore no pages are flag-protected. Confirm that FlaggedRevs is disabled on enwiki.
  6. In FlaggedRevs/maintenance, run php purgeReviewablePages.php enwiki --purgelist. This clears the squid cache for those formerly flag-protected pages.
  7. SQL tables and flaggedrevs.php file dealt with only for long-term removal.