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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.

General FlaggedRev installation instructions

  1. Add the extension's tables to your wiki...
    • cd /home/wikipedia/common/php-1.17/
    • php maintenance/sql.php --wiki=dbname extensions/FlaggedRevs/FlaggedRevs.sql
  2. Add the wiki to the FlaggedRevs group so it'll use it...
    • Edit /home/wikipedia/common/flaggedrevs.dblist and add the database name
  3. If necessary, customize the settings for it in flaggedrevs.php
    • Note: currently this sucks not as much as it did previously.
  4. Update live configuration:
    • touch InitialiseSettings.php to invalidate the cache
    • sync-common-all
  5. Note: Do not run this until the sync has completed.
    • Run cd /home/wikipedia/common/php-1.17/ && php extensions/FlaggedRevs/maintenance/updateAutoPromote.php <dbname> to autopromote those stated in the config options.

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