Deployments/Features Process/VisualEditor Notes

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VisualEditor rides the platform train

  • they have milestone for every second monday
  • assigning bugs to milestones, retargets
  • operate ignorantly of deployments, kinda
  • occasionally modifications in core
  • deployment with news coverage, keep close watch

Parsoid is different story

  • nodejs
  • only thing being deployed with git-deploy!
  • unversioned blobs of data
    • external npm modules
    • 39 megs
    • talk with Ryan about git-annex re this
      • git-annex with bittorrent?
  • develop on master
  • James pays attention to deploys, talk with him

Every friday look at master vs every other


  • everyone has the connection between visual editor/local mediawiki setup?
  • not on beta at all
  • ask james about going to beta
  • vague ideas of browser testing
  • ask Chris M about that
  • other than manual and Wikipedia :) testing
  • fairly good unitest coverage
  • Ed is working on more unittests
  • much of the UI stuff is now getting unittested through
  • passed 100 tests
  • timo and antoine working on qunit to run on Jenkins
    • currently tests jslint
    • would be good for qunit
  • Ask Timo and Antoine re that

Pain Points

  • parsoid is a separate service that is deployed separete
    • making parsoid backwards compatible
    • not runnable since mid-January
    • parsoid is now rewriting the serializer
    • hopefully in a couple weeks it should be ready
    • code in gerrit ready but not able to be merged because parsoid is old
  • sometimes upgrade VE on all deployed mediawikis
    • messes up sam?
    • if every week, then less need to do out of band deploys

The deployments "just run" and it is working well

James and Beta

TODO (Greg)

  • Ask Timo and Antoine re qunit tests
  • ask james about going to beta
  • talk with Ryan about git-annex re git-deploy/git-annex and VE's use-case of 39 megs of npm's in git