Deployments/Features Process/TODOs

From Wikitech
  • Yes Done - Ask Timo/Antoine re QUnit tests
  • Yes Done - Ask James F re VisualEditor using beta
  • Ask QA re VE using more browser tests
  • Ask Reedy if the VE deploy across both live MW versions messes him up
  • Follow up with Ryan Lane re git-deploy and large files (git-annex style? something else?)
  • Make the recoverable exceptions that are aggregated on fluorine more readable/accessible
  • Make clear (document somewhere) the distinction between syncdir, syncfile, and scap
  • get antoine to talk more about beta to E3
  • qunit on suacelabs - need this (now on Jenkins)
  • Get QUnit running against piramido and toro Labs instances for E3
  • Create a "how to poke around using the shell" for developers (see E3 notes)
  • write a post to wikitech-l and page about the purpose of the Lightning Deploys
  • Big Picture overview of the servers