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Mobile Dev/Deploy

  • recently switched to dedicated deploy branch
    • called production
    • simultaneously
  • deploy by recreating production branch of master
    • merge freeze 24hours-ish before deploy
    • deploy fixes without needing to mess with complicated merges/changes we don't want to deploy yet
  • had problems when a new wmf branch was created, it grabed the mobile frontend from master, and it had problems with quality
  • currently still need to spend some time testing during deployment
    • use heavily
    • since they have the 2 hour window why not use it for testing
      • usual devs poke around basic functionality or stuff that has changed
      • michele has a test plans, which is run against 3 version
  • normal unstable, beta, alpha
  • dont' want to do mobile with core, because it has caused problems in the past
    • last major problem about a month ago
    • due to recent changes, the possibility of it needed any more is much less
  • modeling after the separate branch?
    • depends on problems
    • what is the tech plan of the product managers
    • switching to dedicated production branch helped us
  • sometimes they depend on core changes and thus, as a part of their deployment they have to deploy core changes as well, usually quite isolated
  • I (Michelle) have a testing environment that I deploy merged code to so that the Designers and Product can see changes prior to the release it's This staging environment and test.m are only a piece of the puzzle because of caching which as you know adds a bit of a wrench in out deployments.

Chat with Maryana:

  • two staging areas
    • alpha and beta mobile site
    • all three are different
  • have to test each separately
  • big challenge
    • what is a real bug but not just a product of test environment
    • eg test wiki
    • betalabs is still wonky
    • sometimes find out stuff a couple weeks later because of lack of intense testing on beta
  • always the actual live production needs
  • always begging to flush cache/sync stuff etc
  • there is a more regular