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These are the current and former server clusters used by the Wikimedia Foundation, grouped by colocation facilities. Cluster names are formed from a two-letter abbreviation of the hosting provider (e.g. "eq" for Equinix) and the three-letter IATA code of the nearest major airport (e.g. "iad" for Washington Dulles).

Map of Wikimedia Foundation clusters


One of the Wikimedia server racks at CyrusOne (codfw).

From 2004 primary services were in Tampa, Floria in a cluster named "Pmtpa". In 2009, the Wikimedia Foundation started looking for options with better network connectivity.[1] By January 2013, the Virginia data centre (named "Eqiad") was fully operational and traffic was switched from Tampa to Virginia. In 2014, the Tampa networking (sdtpa) and application clusters (pmtpa) were shutdown. Read more about the migration on the Wikimedia Blog.

In October 2013, the foundation started looking for a new data centre facility that would be used side-by-side with Eqiad. Both for the purposes of redundancy (e.g. emergency fallback) as well as to (in the future) operate services from multiple data centres simultaneously. See also RFP/2013 Datacenter.

As of 2015, primary application services and backends (web servers, databases) are in Eqiad and Codfw.


Servers in Ashburn, Virginia (eqiad).
Cluster Location Usage Since
Codfw cluster‎ Carrollton, Texas, United States (North America) Application services 2014
Eqiad cluster‎ Ashburn, Virginia, United States (North America) Application services 2010
Eqsin cluster‎ Singapore (Asia) Caching 2017[2]
Esams cluster‎ Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe) Caching 2009[3]
Ulsfo cluster‎ San Francisco, California, United States (North America) Caching 2014[4]
Cluster Location Usage Since
eqdfw Dallas, Texas (United States) Networking 2015[5][6]
eqord Chicago, Illinois (United States) Networking 2015[5][6]
knams Amsterdam (Netherlands) Networking (for esams) 2005?[7]


Cluster Location Usage Years
Lopar cluster Paris (France) Caching 2005
Pmtpa cluster Tampa, Florida (United States) Application services 2004 – 2014
San Diego San Diego (United States) Webserver 2001 – 2004
Yaseo cluster Seoul (South Korea) zhwiki and kowiki 2005 – 2009[8][9]
Cluster Location Usage Since
sdtpa Tampa, Florida (United States) Networking (for pmtpa) 2004 – 2014

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