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This page is about server clusters. For database clusters, see MariaDB#Sections and shards and Analytics/Systems/Cluster.

These are server clusters used by the Wikimedia Foundation, grouped by colocation facilities.

To read about the history behind current and previous hosting facilities and technology choices, see "Wikimedia Foundation#Technology" on Wikipedia, and Wikimedia servers on Meta-Wiki.

Map of Wikimedia Foundation clusters


For an explanation of the cluster names, see Infrastructure naming conventions#Server clusters.

One of the Wikimedia server racks at CyrusOne (codfw).
Servers in Ashburn, Virginia (eqiad).
Cluster Location Usage Since
Eqiad cluster‎ Ashburn, Virginia, United States (North America) Application services 2010
Codfw cluster‎ Carrollton, Texas, United States (North America) Application services 2014
Esams cluster‎ Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe) Caching 2009[1]
Ulsfo cluster‎ San Francisco, California, United States (North America) Caching 2014[2]
Eqsin cluster‎ Singapore (Asia) Caching 2017[3]
Cluster Location Usage Since
knams Amsterdam (Netherlands) Networking (for esams) 2005?[4]
eqord Chicago, Illinois (United States) Networking 2015[5][6]
eqdfw Dallas, Texas (United States) Networking 2015[5][6]


Cluster Location Usage Years
Pmtpa cluster Tampa, Florida (United States) Application services 2004 – 2014
Yaseo cluster Seoul (South Korea) zhwiki and kowiki 2005 – 2009[7][8]
Lopar cluster Paris (France) Caching 2005
San Diego San Diego (United States) Webserver 2001 – 2004
Cluster Location Usage Since
sdtpa Tampa, Florida (United States) Networking (for pmtpa) 2004 – 2014

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