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Obsolete:Backup procedures

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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.

THIS PAGE IS OLD AND OUTDATED. It is kept for historical reasons. Most of the info inside will either be or already is wrong/irrelevant. Backup infrastructure has been replaced by Bacula

This page is an inventory of our backups for both clusters data and office data.

Some definitions:

here means the backup is in the same physical location as the master, but on a different machine.
means the backup is in a physically separate location. In most cases it's nice to have both!
Red cells
denote a lacking area which we want/need.

Service backup state

Service Master On-site Off-site Notes Approx. Space Needed

Wiki primary data

Wiki main databases EQIAD db* EQIAD slave replication, LVM snapshots every 8 hours (have we tested restoring from one?) PMTPA db slaves & snapshots / ESAMS toolserver replication (how complete is the toolserver repl?) http://noc.wikimedia.org/dbtree/ 4 TB - check
External storage EQIAD db* EQIAD slave replication PMTPA - ? /ESAMS toolserver replication - how complete are these? 5 TB - check
Wiki data dumps PMTPA Obsolete:dataset2 Gluster storage (labstore1 under /publicdata-project directory) Last 5 good only. EQIAD: via rolling rsync Obsolete:dataset1001; via daily rsync, all public data: dumps.wikimedia.your.org, last 5 good dumps: wikipedia.c3sl.ufpr.br See Dumps/Mirror status for more info. 6T (last 5 good)/ 29T (all) - update these

Images and media

Uploads PMTPA Swift 3 copies per file EQIAD Ceph 23T?
Thumbs PMTPA Swift 3 copies per file EQIAD Ceph 12T?

Software development and configuration

MediaWiki config PMTPA NFS tridge Subversion
Apache config PMTPA NFS tridge Automatic rsync
Subversion Formey tridge 3 GB
Gerrit Manganese Formey Databases on db9/10 3 GB
Bugzilla data PMTPA db9 db10 replication EQIAD db1008/db1025 & snapshots 1 GB
Bugzilla config PMTPA db9 db10 replication EQIAD db1008/db1025 & snapshots db10.pmtpa.w /a/sqldata 0 66532680 9020197 13.6 31:49 4724.1 31:49 4724.1 1.5 GB
Bugzilla frontend PMTPA isidore daily rsync to Tridge
Wikitech wiki linode PMTPA tridge; ESAMS ?


OTRS data PMTPA db9 db10 replication EQIAD db1008/db1025 & snapshots 57 GB
OTRS config PMTPA bart 19 GB
blogs frontend data PMTPA singer Daily backups to Tridge
bugzilla PMTPA isidore Daily backups to Tridge
IMAP mail PMTPA sanger PMTPA mchenry, Daily backups to tridge see Mail#Backups 32 GB
Mailing lists ESAMS lily - decommissioned EQIAD sodium PMTPA mchenry See Mailing lists#Backups 50 GB
DNS EQIAD ns0, PMTPA ns1 in gerrit ESAMS ns2 In gerrit
Google docs Google :P ad-hoc downloads

Soft data

Search databases PMTPA various EQIAD is primary now SDTPA
HTTP logs PMTPA locke emery /a/squid oxygen (eqiad)
MediaWiki logs PMTPA NFS tridge fluorine /home/wikipedia/logs


Fundraising Front-End EQIAD aluminium software:svn
puppet:files/misc/scripts/offhost_backups 5GB
Fundraising Databases EQIAD db1008 db1025 replication + snapshots PMTPA storage3 replication, snapshots, dumps
tridge daily rsync of dumps
puppet:files/misc/scripts/dump_fundraisingdb 1TB (15GB/day)
Payment Processing software:svn
db:mysql replication
db+logs:encrypt+copy daily to tridge
db+logs:replicate to silicon payments cluster 100GB(?)
Impression Logs PMTPA nas1 nas1001 1.5TB year

Misc data

Server home directories PMTPA nfs1 / nfs2 tridge Daily backups to Tridge 30 GB
stat1 /a and /home - Amanda to tridge gerrit change 400 GB