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This page is a dumping ground for links and documentation in the process of moving CloudVPS to using Neutron.


Labtest Allocations

See Testing deployment.

Open questions

  • /etc/nova/nova-compute.conf is managed but unused?
  • Can the migration be performed online? (as in data plane)
  • Should we use linux bridging or OpenVSwitch?
    • Linux bridging is simpler conceptually and component wise but not as featurefull.
    • What Neutron plugin should we use?
  • What type and mechanism should we use?
  • Does L2 Population work as expected?
    • Overhead
    • debugging



The shared switch is a Boolean value that, when set to true, allows a network to be utilized among all tenants. This attribute is available only for networks created by administrators and is not available for networks created by users.

Denton, James (2015-11-27). Learning OpenStack Networking (Neutron) - Second Edition (p. 129). Packt Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Neutron l2/l3 agents


  • General overview of transition mechanics with no real technical insight
  • assumes things exist and are working such as 'Run a DB dump/restore tool that creates Networking data structures representing current legacy networking config.'

Spec for Neutron Migration feature (permanent -2?) (andrew asking for migration stories) (cern migration story)


Managing Open vSwitch across a large heterogenous fleet (rackspace)

  • 2.1+ described as best and ubuntu seems to be on 2.0 (flow-eviction-thresholds) via apt-cache
  • 2.3 is OVS LTS

Linux Bridging (LEGACY) (2013...)

ML2 Linux Bridging (older docs seems redirected from old monolithic plugin)


OpenVSwitch vs Linux Bridging

Migrating Production Workloads from OVS to Linux Bridge w/ ML2 (RS internal cloud)

ML2: The Plugin Of Plugins

  • Virtual networks can be composed of multiple segments of the same or different types.
    • EXCEPT: The database schema and driver APIs support multi-segment networks, but the client API for multi-segment networks is not yet implemented. (original spec)

Next Phases


Neutron Planning/ldap

Misc Reference

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