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This list is incomplete. Check out all my tools on Hay's tool directory!

Commons and files

  • Flickr2Commons can upload single and multiple files from Flickr to Commons.
  • Geograph2Commons can upload a single file from to Commons.
  • CommonsHelper can transfer files from wiki(p|m)edia to Commons.
  • Add Information adds an {{Information}} template to a file on Commons.
  • Files with no {{Information}} template. Merged from "all_no_info" and "mynoinfo" on toolserver.
  • The Usual Suspects, merged "Bad Boys" and "Bad Old Ones" from toolserver.
  • File reuse allows you to drag'n'drop a file onto it, and show a thumbnail and attribution.
  • FIST, the Free Image Search Tool.
  • URL2Commons can transfer files from a list of URLs to Commons.
  • File siblings builds, for a file, an HTML fragment with thumbnails of related images. See the corresponding JavaScript.
  • FileDupes, a merge of "userdupes" and "commons_dupes" from toolserver.
  • MultiDesc generates multilingual gallery and file descriptions (a merge of "whatisthat" and "commons_sumitup").
  • Wiki2playlist generates a .M3U playlist from files hosted on Commons.
  • iCommons is a Commons browser for mobile devices.
  • FlickrFree shows free, recently uploaded images on Flickr, ready for transfer to Commons.


  • PetScan for complex category tree and template intersection.
  • CatFood, RSS feeds for pages and files based on category or user name.
  • Commons image feed, RSS image feeds for Commons categories to use in screensavers etc.
  • CatNap lists Wikipedia articles in a category grouped by their other categories.
  • CrossCats finds articles that ought to be in a category tree in a language via categories in other languages.
  • Random page in category redirects to a random page in a category.



  • GLAMorous, a tool to keep track of Commons images used on other projects..
  • BaGLAMa, monthly view counts for pages containing images from selected Commons categories.
  • TreeViews, monthly view statistics for category trees.
  • Unused files, a list of files not used on Wikipedia, from a Commons category tree.

Flagged revisions

  • Deep InSight shows unsighted pages by category, including subcategories.
  • Deep out-of-sight shows out-of-date sighted versions by category, including subcategories.
  • Random out-of-sight shows out-of-date sighted versions that only differ a little by size (typo fixes etc).
  • Out-of-sight randomly shows articles in de.wikipedia with out-of-date sighted versions.


  • Book2scroll, a book reader for Wikisource.
  • Map2WP attempts to map DNB articles on wikisource to wikipedia.
  • Wikisource DNB looks for inconsistencies in the wikisource link structures of the DNB.
  • DNB ratios gives page length ratios between Wikisource and Wikipedia articles.
  • DNB link finder finds links to Google books DNB that would better point to Wikisource.


  • GeoHack (example:Berlin), meta-map tool.
  • phosphate CAS shows links to CAS numbers based on parameter.
  • ISIN shows links to ISIN numbers (stock market) based on parameter.

Content generators

  • PrepBio generates infobox templates for biographies.
  • HTML2wiki can convert some HTML into wikitext, especially tables.
    • Tab2Wiki converts tables (tab-delim, e.g. copied from Excel) to Wikitext tables.
  • MakeRef, a form to generate <ref>erences.
  • ISBN2Wiki generates wikitext reference texts for ISBNs.
  • GetArticleIntro returns the first sentence of an article as JSONP.
  • Update article counter updates the number of articles in a WikiProject.
  • Templator generates templates from forms.


  • MissingTopics finds the "most wanted" missing topics in an article or category tree.
  • Wiki ToDo finds articles with things to do for you!
  • Most wanted topics, measured by redlink count, for several languages.
  • GetDistinctAuthors gives the distinct (non-IP) list of editors on a set of articles.
  • Herding Sheep shows the (last) edits of all users in a user category.
  • Trans-parent finds potential translators between two languages amongst Wikipedians.


Adopted tools