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"fredge" is the new database we're using to track things like payments metadata, and store what used to be confined to the antifraud logs. We should be able to join data in fredge to lines in the contribution tracking table, and things in the civi database.

Short for "Fredgerick".


Payments Init Messages

These will be fired off when we hit the end of a workflow on the payments cluster. May not be the overall final status, but it's as close as the payments cluster is ever going to know about.

We should use all the same headers that "normal" DI messages already use. Because, why not?
...unless correlation-id leaks between queues or something idiotic like that.


Queues are cheap. Let's call it the "payments-init" queue.


Basically, the stuff we already have in the payments-init log


  • origin timestamp
  • server? - yesplease.
  • gateway
  • ctid
  • order id


  • wmf transaction status
  • $action = $this->getValidationAction();
  • 'payment_submethod',
  • 'payment_method',
  • 'country',
  • 'utm_campaign',
  • 'amount',
  • 'currency_code'