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I work in the SRE/Infrastructure_Foundations specifically with on the security subteam. however i work a lot on puppet and like to work on general automation

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Gerrit Review Expectations

I always try to review Gerrit changes within 2 working days of being added to a change and assuming CI is green. however sometimes things slip through the gap. if you have added me to a change and i have not reviewed within this time please feel free to give me a reminder on IRC . Further to this it you Also feel free to ping me on IRC if something needed more expedited review.


When voting i use the following scores:

  • -2: Must not merge further suggests like the general idea needs reconsidering
  • -1: Changes are required before merging
  • 0: Change looks good but could be improved by addressing nits
  • +1: Change looks good to me and is good to merge
    • sometimes i will review a change where im not the subject matter expert for all areas the change touches. if so i try to clearly state which parts i am happy with e.g. "Puppet side looks good to me, will need a +1 from traffic on the varnish stuff"


When receiving changes I often try to prefix them with information highlighting how critical i think the issues is using the format "$tag: $comment e.g.

nit: please use `file` instead of `present`

I use the following tags:

  • -1: This is one of the reasons for the -1 review. it must be changed before merging
  • advice: readability, style or performance could potentially be improved
  • nit: readability or style could potentially be improved but more inline with my personal view then the general style guide (this is normally very picky, potentially pedantic comments and can be completly ignored)