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This meeting mostly came out from my discussion with robla regarding how we deal with scaptraps now in the post-svn world.

  • What interactions will be built in?
  • Is there a roadmap/feature list of what Christian is working on
  • Use of flags/other method to track important info (backports, scaptraps, etc)


  • Replace what's called tagging in svn codereview tool
    • Gerrit upstream not seeing it as priority
  • Shortterm replacement: Script by Christian and Chad

needed for easier release-notes

Bugzilla integration

  • Much further in the future
  • Plugin works, collaborating with Gerritforge which have a plugin for JIRA, we're interested in Bugzilla (and RT)
  • 2-3 more minor fixes needed before deploying
  • Stage 1: after Gerrit patch, add comment in Bugzilla about it via REST
    • to happen in the next weeks, fairly straight forward
  • Stage 2: workflow changes, needs bigger buy-in
    • e.g. cannot automatically set RES. FIXED because 1 patch does not necessarily fix 1 bug report
    • consider setting Target Milestone in Bugzilla?
    • also: probably kill patch-in-gerrit keyword at some point