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In production, this is the chain of includes for MediaWiki:

# Inside the /w/index.php file in mediawiki-config
require 'multiversion/MWMultiVersion.php';

  # Inside MWMultiVersion.php
  require 'multiversion/defines.php';
  require 'multiversion/MWRealm.php';

require MWMultiVersion::getMediaWiki( 'index.php' ); # this requires index.php from core in the correct version, which in turn will include LocalSettings.php eventually

  # Inside php.../LocalSettings.php
  require "/srv/mediawiki/wmf-config/CommonSettings.php";

    # Inside CommonSettings.php
    require 'wmf-config/wgConf.php';
    # In the scope of a function in CommonSettings.php
    require 'wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php'

So basically anything you declare in CommonSettings.php is in file scope as far as I understand, which means it's referenceable everywhere, potentially.