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Package build

On copper.eqiad.wmnet:

cd httpd/apache2-2.4.10 (does not contain a git repo)

DIST=jessie-wikimedia pdebuild

Other steps are similar to Varnishkafka. Please remember that pdebuild will also rebuild/create other deb packages related to apache2, you'll need to install/upload all of them.


Package build

On copper.eqiad.wmnet:

cd varnishkafka/ (contains git repo)

APT_USE_BUILT=yes GIT_PBUILDER_OUTPUT_DIR=/var/cache/pbuilder/result/jessie-amd64 
  ARCH=amd64 DIST=jessie WIKIMEDIA=yes git-buildpackage -j8 -us -uc 
  --git-builder=git-pbuilder --git-debian-branch=debian

Verify package

On copper.eqiad.wmnet:

lintian /var/cache/pbuilder/result/jessie-amd64/varnishkafka_1.0.10-1_amd64.changes

debdiff varnishkafka_1.0.9-1.dsc varnishkafka_1.0.10-1.dsc

Package upload


sudo rsync -v copper.eqiad.wmnet::pbuilder-result/jessie-amd64/*varnishkafka*VERSION* .
cd /srv/wikimedia
sudo -i
reprepro -C experimental --ignore=wrongdistribution 
  include jessie-wikimedia ~elukey/varnishkafka_VERSION_amd64.changes

Check package uploaded


root@carbon:~# reprepro ls varnishkafka
varnishkafka | 1.0.2-1 | precise-wikimedia | amd64, source
varnishkafka | 1.0.6-1 |  trusty-wikimedia | amd64, source
varnishkafka |  1.0.7-1 |  jessie-wikimedia | amd64, source
varnishkafka | 1.0.10-1 |  jessie-wikimedia | amd64, source

root@carbon:~# reprepro -C experimental list jessie-wikimedia varnishkafka
jessie-wikimedia|experimental|amd64: varnishkafka 1.0.10-1
jessie-wikimedia|experimental|source: varnishkafka 1.0.10-1