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Packaging Wikidiff2

Tarball must be available in as described in and we need to get the source code to a builder machine. Here is a workflow that worked for us in the past:

  • ssh to a random app server
    • $ apt-get source wikidiff
  • scp to a builder machine (currently deneb.codfw.wmnet) and copy the tarball to it, and run
    • $ uupdate ../wikidiff-1.2.3.tar.xz
  • it will generate a new directory named wikidiff-1.2.3 which will update the package to the new tarball
  • bump the version to something like by running
    • wikidiff-1.2.3$ dch -i
  • And build for <distro>-wikimedia. Lastly, tell pbuilder to use our php72 component. For example:
    • PHP72=yes ; DIST=stretch-wikimedia pdebuild
  • Upload using the instructions in Debian Packaging#Upload to Wikimedia Repo

Rolling out

  1. Install on beta cluster, remember to run systemctl restart php7.2-fpm
  2. Ask stakeholders to ensure it works
  3. Rollout to canary servers (cumin/debdeploy aliases A:mw-app-canary and A:mw-api-canary) for at least one day
  4. Rollout to all servers using debdeploy