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Dominic McDevitt-Parks
Digital Content Specialist, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Cultural Partnerships Coordinator, Wikimedia District of Columbia


About me

I am a longtime Wikimedian. I have been an active editor since 2004, and an English Wikipedia administrator since 2005. I've written dozens of articles and made thousands of edits. I have been an arbitrator, oversighter, and CheckUser, and also an administrator on the English Wiktionary, English Wikisource, and Meta-Wiki.

These days, I mostly work in the GLAM-related areas. I volunteer for Wikimedia DC as the Cultural Partnerships Coordinator, serving as the point of contact for interested cultural institutions in the DC area (and beyond), and I help coordinate the GLAM-Wiki US Consortium, a Wikimedia-affiliate user group.

I'm also lucky to call Lori Byrd Phillips my fiancée—true GLAM-Wiki love.

My work

I am a paid employee of the U.S. National Archives (NARA). I work to make our holdings more accessible to the public by making them available to Wikipedia for use in articles. When I am editing Wikipedia as part of my professional duties, I always strive to strictly abide by Wikipedia's accepted practices on conflicts of interest, neutrality, and notability. I will always work in the best interest of Wikipedia, because that is in line with the National Archives' educational mission. If you have any questions about my role here, I have drafted an FAQ approved by NARA which I encourage you to read.

If there is any way I or the National Archives can help you in your work on Wikimedia projects, please get in touch!

Read my job description and FAQ for more.

Contact me

Dominic.McDevitt-Parks at
dominic at

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