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  • Maintenance of page_id across delete/undelete
  • Ability to protect deleted titles in-place
  • Better display of 'this page has been deleted' on empty page page
  • Queued deletion

Queued deletion

As satisfying as it is to delete something straight off, it's not very friendly for the poor sod who wrote or uploaded it. But manually maintained queues are also a pain in the arse, and lead to much angrifying and inefficiency.

An automated deletion queue system, whereby you can slip something on the queue and it gets deleted after X time uncontested, would probably serve many cases well.

  • Visible notification of queue status and remaining time on the page/file under consideration
  • View of the queue for both newly queued things and things which are about to fall out and die
  • Notification of author(s) of the page/file
  • A chance to contest and cancel

Possibly some tagging and prioritization would help in here too. Some discussion support?

This needs to be prototyped, then dialogue with the community to see how it will fit into processes, what it solves, what it doesn't, how it can be improved etc.