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Hey there!

I am a grad student at the University of Virginia, and currently going through the data science program here. Data mining and Natural Language processing are two topics that are very interesting to me. As such I also curious about the field of human interactions within online communities like Wikipedia and how data science can be applied to such a community to generate meaningful results. Currently I am part of team who looking into analyzing Harassment trends in Wikipedia -

I have prior experience in RDBMS, Business Intelligence , Oracle SQL and have worked in the IT industry as a consultant for nearly four years. I have completed my bachelors degree in electronics and communications engineering from SRM University, India.

In my free time I love reading novels(traditional as well as webnovels), watching anime, playing rpgs, youtube,etc. I also like swimming and trekking(once in a mile maybe?).

Oh yeah online forums and discussion boards and Reddit are interesting too - I usually lurk around and comment when the discussion gets interesting :)