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Hi all, I'm a wikisourcian with some rough, DIY programming skill (python, js, and now Lua) and I drive a Toolserver pywikipedia bot, mainly in it.source. I'm here to migrate step by step into Labs. I guess, it will be a slow and painful migration. :-(


First steps

  1. I set a public key to access both by SSH and SFTP filling the form into Preferences->OpenStack. I don't understand fully what I did, but I followed more or less suggestions from Nova_Resource:Tools/Help and I successfully logged in. o_O
  2. Then I moved into Special:NovaProject; I found myself into the list "members" o_O so I boldly clicked Action->Add service group and created local-itsource tool. I added (obviously) User:Candalua to share the test tool.
  3. Found User:Russell Blau/Using pywikibot on Labs to configure a python bot and to run it into local-itsource.
  4. address of tool itsource: /data/project/itsource
  5. to access from login as alebot: become itsource