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# Not merged yet

# Improve documentation and method naming on Revision and RevisionStore.
# Pass $title to RevisionStore in Revision::newFromArchiveRow

# Merged

# Revision: Handle all return values of Title::newFromId
git revert --no-commit 011b458627db0c6832a7b8ef98b5fc87868ab82a

# Append leading \ to BlobStoreFactoryTest covers
git revert --no-commit 2c1c8238707f0a5d5e09f4fb0b8a252fdfa6577f
# Remove leading backslashes from "use \…" tags
git revert --no-commit 409da2d8b33b3c315653b802337fc7bcd66af0ed

# [MCR] Revision::newFromArchiveRow remove recently added $title param
git revert --no-commit 0f6afd343082036b54d5b6ed0f73cbc485a5221c
# Revert "[MCR] Add and use $title param to RevisionStore getPrevious/Next"
git revert --no-commit 69f9a18e461584d6a7240276baca13d037644d06
# Revert "[MCR] Add optional $title param to Revision byId methods"
git revert --no-commit 8ce1b4dcb5912e6b883f620bb29b3922e41a757d
# [MCR] pass $queryFlags into RevisionStore::getTitle
git revert --no-commit 4de36baa63afc23398f5d1747f08fc47309c314c
# Remove duplicate getTitle call in RevisionStore::getNextRevision
git revert --no-commit b7664a06817bfdc4481c6326802f91772c749b25

# [MCR] Don't require $title to be passed to Revision::newFromId
git revert --no-commit 56b7ba03a286c0997752fb61b14662347ea0e9de
# [MCR] Introduce BlobStoreFactory
git revert --no-commit e51f95dea3df42b95c0e7e3e5e336dff64eb1d3e
# Remove duplicate ServiceWiring definitions
git revert --no-commit 47da9e78f5a80fde77c446d6bade2ed08746601c
# [MCR] Revision::newFromArchiveRow convert overrides for rows
git revert --no-commit e85046bb4a37f8c06464c2dfa50fd474695d3ae3
# [MCR] Add and use $title param to RevisionStore getPrevious/Next
git revert --no-commit a760526bb41df8a46f70b498a2059323a99a683c
# [MCR] Add optional $title param to Revision byId methods
git revert --no-commit 7bfb4f195121008471974490ae24a86f2a450951
# [MCR] Use RevisionStore::getArchiveQueryInfo in PageArchive
git revert --no-commit 7458232874986edf20fbd85f45f42295b1689524
# [MCR] Fix RevisionInsertComplete Revision pass by reference
git revert --no-commit 9ae9c681c53dfe030f869e54efe7c2e7e23287b2

# The below 2 are minor but need reverts as they cause conflicts
# RevisionTest: Fix @covers tags
git revert --no-commit 0eecfd015d7bc8f467f0f70d169a12e88ba53916
# RevisionTest: Make @covers tags absolute (re-apply)
git revert --no-commit ee3f8a60ef877efe86ef07e0f96060a0930532c6

# MCR: Deprecate and gut Revision class
git revert --no-commit 6af796f3e0cf3e66cd7d7e59af8445f5712d68fe

# Commit!
git commit -m "Revert RevisionStore for wmf branch"