User:Addshore/Diagrams/Sequence/Wikidata Termbox V2

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DRAFT, this may not be an accurate representation.

Compatible with:

title Termbox V2

participant Wikidata User
participant MediaWiki/Wikibase
participant Parser/ParserCache
participant SSR

Wikidata User->MediaWiki/Wikibase:Entity Page View

# Parser Cache interaction
MediaWiki/Wikibase->Parser/ParserCache:Get Rendered Entity
Parser/ParserCache-->MediaWiki/Wikibase:Rendered Entity

# Request for custom termbox
opt If the user has non default language options
MediaWiki/Wikibase->SSR:Termbox Request Including:\n - UI Language\n - Entity ID\n - edit link URL\n - Preferred Languages
SSR-> Data Setup Including:\n - All Languages\n - Specific Entity (with Entity ID)\n - User (with primary & preferred langs)\n - Links (edit link)>MediaWiki/Wikibase:Possible calls to:\n - meta=wbcontentlanguages\n - meta=allmessages\n - action=wbgetentities ?? (or always?)
MediaWiki/Wikibase--> data>SSR:Done
note over SSR:Render Termbox
note over MediaWiki/Wikibase:Replace default termbox\nwith custom termbox

MediaWiki/Wikibase-->Wikidata User:Entity Page