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This page holds information about the file-metadata application which is my GSoC 2016 project in Wikimedia/pywikibot. The crux of the project is to categorize images on wikimedia using a smart bot, mainly with exif data and computer vision techniques. It is a revamp of the older catimages script which was being run by DrTrigonBot.

We've run some of the analysis on a large number of files on wikimedia, and the analysis of those results can be found at c:User:AbdealiJKTravis/logs/....

Installation on ToolsLab

To install the application on Tools Lab, confer the instructions given in c:User:AbdealiJK/file-metadata. We first create a python virtual environment so that pip can be used to install packages. Let us make a virtualenv in the venv folder:

$ virtualenv venv

Once the virtualenv has been enabled, we activate it using:

$ source venv/bin/activate

If a virtual environment is active, the name of the virtual env is added to the beginning of the command line prompt (Example: (venv)abdealijk@tools-bastion-03:~$ ). Once the virtual environment is active, we update pip (To be able to use python wheels for a faster installation) and install file-metadata using:

(venv)$ pip install -U pip
(venv)$ pip install file-metadata

Now you can use all the analysis features provided by file-metadata. For further information about using file-metadata visit c:User:AbdealiJK/file-metadata#Usage.